“Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained”

Still it seems unseasonably pleasant as one is approaching the middle of the month, as one hopes that it will be nice a bit longer. There still is a chill in the air. This topic could pertain to all that we do and don’t accomplish in life. Because our minds are a key factor as it is controlled in one’s actions. A prime example is when someone is injured. One could have a negative attitude and not even try to better oneself and let others do all for them. Yet one may have the opposite view and therefore have the attitude thinking to oneself ” if one can do this, then one can do that. This is pertaining to simple and everyday things. One has to have the presence of mind to least try what comes their way. It may be a slow process, as to how one looks at the situation. It can be all relative too. In the long run one becomes more appreciative of things one would ordinarily take for granted. The key is not take anything or for that matter anyone for granted. All things will be done in time. Seek the moment. A good rule of thumb is can’t never could do anything.


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