“Question Of Clemency”

With a chill in the air naturally, one woke up after a sound night’s sleep with a little pain. However it will subside in due course evenually. Took a non- asprin for it. One will of course carry on with vigor. This pain could be a result of a very flat pillow that one has been sleeping on for a while. So change is on the way. While having the injury one had scripted the topics along with the tags for future use. This topic is most controversial. When is the question of clemency appropriate? It would depend on the crime which would be the obvious answer. And also if one was a victim indirectly? Meaning a family member of the victim. A couple of nights ago the man responsible for bringing terror as the D.C. sniper was executed be lethal injection. Have decided not to put his name in print simply b/c one doesn’t want to give any more recognition to him. The crime was so hideous. It took place across state lines. It happened in Md., Va., in the District itself, Ala., and in some other southern state. One believed that there were six states in all, before apprehension took place. Did this man give any clemency(mercy) to his victim? Differently not. He just randomly shot at will as many people as possible. So therefore there isn’t any question at all. Long ago one was against the death penalty, however one has changed one’s view.


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