“Unspeakable Act”

Well change did work. After putting another pillow under one’s head one fell soundly asleep. That surely did the trick and will keep the same one for now. Yesterday one saw an article on the bbc.com of an eighty one year old priest who was arrested in South Bend, Ind., he is supposedly going to be sent back to N. I. where the crime had taken place against the young. Then one saw an article in the nydailynews.com about a priest who was murdered in Chatham,N.J. This crime was an unspeakable act. It was committed by a janitor who was an immigrant to this country, possibly from S.A., or even from Central America. This priest was stabbed more than a numerous times in different parts of his body. The motive is non-consequential. Why in the world didn’t someone find help in time? Was the act pre-meditated? If a priest is in his rectory why wasn’t or isn’t there a helpline in these types of situations? Maybe now there will be. After one read this article one thought of it for days as to not only that it happened, yet why it would happen. Afterall this was a priest, a man of God. No one should have the right to judge another, however this murderer should be placed in isolation in hell. There is no rhyme or reason for this to happen. How awful.


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