“Along The Same Lines”

It is a very mild day which is pleasant yet unusual for being November. Went to the supermarket this morning and glad to do so. Will combine this topic into one segment. Read on the bbc.com about a kidnapping in N.I. several months ago. How could anyone in their right mind do such an act? Don’t know what came of the story for one hasn’t heard anything more about it. Then at the same time there was another kidnapping of another priest in Mindanao in the Philippines. He was held for quite a while. There was a video done by the captors asking for a ransom. However the priest was released. How again can someone do such a dastardly act. There isn’t a reason in the world for it. This particular country is predominately Catholic. That in itself is more of an outrage. One wouldn’t expect such an act to occur. One would surmise to some people it just doesn’t make a difference. It is a sad state of affairs.


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