This is now the middle of the month already. It’s hard to imagine that time goes so rapidly, really weatherwise it doesn’t seem so, however noticed that there was frost overnight. Took one’s brace off for its now been 6 weeks. Can now put one’s sleeve in one’s arm. However for good measure one is taking it slow and thinking of chatting with the nurse on call later on to simply getting some needed questions answered. It is hard to believe that parents who are migrants themselves will allow their children sometimes even under the age of ten to work in the fields,orchards and groves picking fruits and vegetables for the American table. There are dangerous chemicals showered on these and it is more likely than not, that these dangers will get into the children lungs and respiratory system and then will have a certain problem which will be extended throughout their lives. Michigan the neighbouring state the children must arise long before dawn and start their 14 hour day work. There isn’t a day in the year that they get off or even have a break inbetween their long day. This could and should be called abuse of child labor, however b/c they aren’t citizens of the U.S., one would guess that it doesn’t matter. Not only in Michigan, it is done throughout the continental U.S., regardless of where it is. The simple reason why the parents allow this to happen is the fact that the parents want to know where the child is at all times and b/c the family may speed up the time in the fields as the children have smaller hands and can for some reason work faster than their parents. The parents look at it as a tool for learning. All these immigrants are ill educated themselves. The owner of the places turns a blind eye when asked what is happening. The discount stores such as Walmart, the grocery store Kroger will refuse to use their product in their establishments. The product in question is blueberries, which are produced by the American Blueberry Association. Now if some would follow their lead, maybe then there would be a handle on this situation.


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