“In Combination”

When taking a stroll one noticed that it was quite seasonable now as one was strolling near the bay. It was windy as one was facing it and coming back it was better as one had one’s back to the wind. Saw a flock of very large birds in the park all gathering in one spot, pecking and hopping at the same time. As one was approaching the park saw a white winged bird flying above the bay nearer to the ground. What a sight! Beautiful! These last two blogs for this month in which one will combined into one, are similar in content. They are intitled, influencing other minds which is taken in a negative tone and the elderly. After one has lived for many years they deserve the respect and love of others who often come in contact with them. After all age in itself does make some difference in that aspect. However there are too many cases to note that this isn’ t occurring. A prime example are nursing homes. There are many horrors which occur at the hands of others. In one’s view one thinks that in general nursing home should be outlawed. If one has the incompassity of no longer caring for oneself, one should be cared for by their family who will take direction from reparable and knowledgable persons. There too in some cases people in question must be very careful, b/c actions can take place within their own family. It is a very common act to say that only b/c the person is elderly the saying is they are no longer valid in what they reveal to others and simply ignored. If others seem to question something that is going on the common phase is he/she doesn’t know what they are talking about and therefore their words haven’t validity. They become inattentive to things. This isn’t believed by any scope of the imagination. The elderly have much to offer in their impeccable way. They should be given the right to express their views in their own way. They should never be shunned. Now to the other saga. If  someone is doing something in an evil way and has a history of doing things that aren’t right in a moral or legal view. This person/these persons should never pressure others to do what they do. Others should never be vulnerable or never be in any position for any tangible benefit both minuscule or colossal or for that matter anything inbetween the two. If one uses the phrase do it b/c we a kin, that is a strong indication that this is rigamorale.


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