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“Another Winter Wonderland”

December 23, 2009

With the remainder of snow on the surface there is another winter wonderland in store in the form of a snowstorm which will be sleet, snow and a quarter size ice is moving from the west, to the mid and upper west. It will make traveling harsh as people make their way for visits on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Ice will soon be couvered everywhere as far as the eye will see. Been getting Christmas cards from friends and relatives. Got some presents and still waiting for more presents to arrive. One is just a kid at heart when it comes to that. Got some Christmas goodies from my sister Vivian and indulging oneself to savor the goodness. Things like Lorzaroni,Biscotti Almond, Bogdon Double Mint Chocolates among others. To enrich oneself in the spirit, been giving some items to Goodwill as my friend,Carol passes that place on the way to her work. So that made oneself feel good in more than one way. Been hibernating since the first snowstorm which was monumental of having 15 inches couver the ground. Happy to be indoors in the warmth only to go out occasionally for the postman’s delivery and other deliveries as well. An update to the alcohol purchased for Christmas presents, PlanC was that one gave some to the postman, gave another to the ups delivery person and yet another to a neighbour/friend as a raffle door prizes as she is a chairman of a couple of parties namely Wildtree and Scrapbooking. All were much appreciated and one felt good as one had accomplished one’s goal in the sense of giving. Been making more friends on Facebook as some are first cousins 0nce removed. One of them is Sara Jecko who was my late first cousin’s daughter. Sara lives in New York State. One is so grateful to have the contact with her. Been trying for a long time. She has 2 brothers, Chris who lives in Conn., and Nick who lives in N.J. Have sent a friend request to Nick although he hasn’t responded presently. Just got another gift. What a tremendous blessing this gives to everyone at this sacred time.

“Out Of The Blue”

December 8, 2009

With snow still gracing the surface, there is the first winter snowstorm with blizzard’s conditions scheduled to arrive tonight and continuing into tomorrow. Therefore one will forego one’s juant to Borders. Last week one was anticipating obtaining presents from Borders and a nearby grocers to send to relatives. This Christmas one contemplated something different and yet festive at the same time. At one’s arrival at the nearby post office one was amazed to post all the presents which were wrapped previously by Borders. When one inquired if one could send some alcohol thinking beforehand that others had doubts about it, however couldn’t give me reasons for their thinking. One automatically placed the bottles on the counter and was astounded to learn that alcohol wasn’t allowed to be posted. It was going to Va., to Mi., and to Fla. One of my neices recently was married and one thought it would a romantic wonderful present to receive. One other neice just recently had her first baby boy and again thought this was appropo. The other bottles were to go to my son and his wife to share on a special evening. So thinking of planB after having a conversation with a friend in Ala, she said that returning the item back to the store, that they wouldn’t accept it. So one called the grocer and sure enough that was true. Now on to planC. Will leave the bottles of alcohol in my room and wait for my son and girlfriend to come from Seattle for a visit this upcoming year. Now for the reasons of not permitting this procedure. One was informed at the post office that the product is flammable and could explode it flight. That is logical and was satisfied with that reasoning. So why don’t the nincompoops display what they can’t send? Then one phoned ups., and fedex and was told that it wasn’t their policy either. Then waited for their explanation and they said that distributors were allowed to send alcohol b/c they had to account for each transaction on paper. However any individual wasn’t allowed b/c the states in which the alcohol was being sent would loose taxes (revenue) on the product. So with the reasoning one kept the panache and will sashay as usual. With the ingenue melange of presents, it would have been grand. However if the original plan got underway the plane would have been in smithereens. So one has to live and learn.

“On The Verge”

December 7, 2009

With a new fallen snow, it is beginning to look like Christmas. One would think the bay is frozen now with less people taking walks. That is very understandable with this type of weather. As for myself, will surely take a respite from it. Finished two books”Why We Suck” by Denis Leary and “A Complete History of Sesame Street” by Michael Davis. Now reading “A Rainbow In The Night” by Dominique La Pierre. In the course of playing sports, one particular sport should be held accountable and that sport is boxing. Just recently the inevitable happen again earlier this year. Another boxer this time only 25 years of age, died from complications resulting from this sport. This has been twice in one’s lifetime that this has occurred. When I was a child I would look at boxing on the tele. It surely wasn’t the sport itself that brought curiousity, but the names of the boxers which had Spanish, Latin surnames. Some,one recalled were, Carmen Basillio and Paddy DiMarco, Rocky Graziano, to name just a few. The promoters who take ads on national,local media, fans who seek this type of entertainment and frequent events in large numbers should also be aware of the pitfalls of this sport. Moreso than all are the referees whose obligation is to call the fight if he sees any dangers arise, or break up the fight for any reason resulting to either boxer’s condition. Boxing is good in one and only way. If a kid is troubled and on the verge of doing something stupid, by hurting him self or someone else. Then boxing is ok to have him learn the meaning of self defense. Oh, speaking of names, I was shocked when I heard that Benny Kid Parat died as a result of boxing. This too, happened when I was a child so I discontinued watching this sport and never watch it since. In one’s opinion this sport should be banned from entertainment once and for all.