“Another Winter Wonderland”

With the remainder of snow on the surface there is another winter wonderland in store in the form of a snowstorm which will be sleet, snow and a quarter size ice is moving from the west, to the mid and upper west. It will make traveling harsh as people make their way for visits on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Ice will soon be couvered everywhere as far as the eye will see. Been getting Christmas cards from friends and relatives. Got some presents and still waiting for more presents to arrive. One is just a kid at heart when it comes to that. Got some Christmas goodies from my sister Vivian and indulging oneself to savor the goodness. Things like Lorzaroni,Biscotti Almond, Bogdon Double Mint Chocolates among others. To enrich oneself in the spirit, been giving some items to Goodwill as my friend,Carol passes that place on the way to her work. So that made oneself feel good in more than one way. Been hibernating since the first snowstorm which was monumental of having 15 inches couver the ground. Happy to be indoors in the warmth only to go out occasionally for the postman’s delivery and other deliveries as well. An update to the alcohol purchased for Christmas presents, PlanC was that one gave some to the postman, gave another to the ups delivery person and yet another to a neighbour/friend as a raffle door prizes as she is a chairman of a couple of parties namely Wildtree and Scrapbooking. All were much appreciated and one felt good as one had accomplished one’s goal in the sense of giving. Been making more friends on Facebook as some are first cousins 0nce removed. One of them is Sara Jecko who was my late first cousin’s daughter. Sara lives in New York State. One is so grateful to have the contact with her. Been trying for a long time. She has 2 brothers, Chris who lives in Conn., and Nick who lives in N.J. Have sent a friend request to Nick although he hasn’t responded presently. Just got another gift. What a tremendous blessing this gives to everyone at this sacred time.


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