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January 25, 2010

On these long days of winter one has to find solace. One has treated everyone who comes in contact with oneself as individuals on a human to human basis, without regarding issues, labels and such. All one’s life one has found the celebration of the Mass to be a strength despite being an obligation. If for instance one would be in the company of others such as in a congregation one would naturally be thinking of other things, such as life itself, what one would do after taking part, looking around as to how others are dress and just have their mind wonder to other things and not have full concentration at the moment at hand. While Ian and family were oversees, Michelle his wife had geared people to as featured on their website. So one has taken advantage of that site in hearing and viewing Mass in the solitude of one’s room. Been doing this weekly for a while. It is better to accomplish this act and has been adventageous in the fact of really hearing it in its entirety and getting something out of it in the process. Listening to the homily, the sermon as well as the three principle parts of the Mass itself to make it complete. It is very well done with choir, music and inspiring words. There are five priests involved one of them being Father Edward Beck as main spokesman and what one would refer to as main moderator. There was a Christmas Mass of an hour in a half and another one which took a half hour. The first one was celebrated by Mons. Timothy Dolan Archbishop of  New York and the video each week takes place in a small chapel conducted by the Passionist Fathers in Riverdale, New York. Everyone in life has to hold one to something more powerful than themselves, if they are Jewish, Hindu, Protestant, Moslem or Catholic. That is the way it is.

“Bright Yet Promising”

January 24, 2010

Although it is still gloomy, dreary and cold without a trace of sunshine in sight, the days ahead are bright yet promising. Instead of taking daily strolls b/c of patches of ice and snow on the ground, one has occupied one’s time with reading a series of Denis Hamill books. What a tremendous talent to keep one mesmerised throughout until the finality. Also using constructive time networking and keeping in touch with various family members and not giving the time of day to others. Chatting with certain friends via phone. Mentally making plans about the future too. Intend to rearrange one’s room, giving one’s sofa, loveseat and table to St. Vincent De Paul. However before that one has to ponder where one is going to sleep as one sleeps on the sofa now and has been for at least a few years. Also have to ponder how to disconnect then reconnect one’s computer, and other electrical devices. Intend to go to Savers to check out the items there while in the process making the accurate decisions. Giving one enough time to think ahead so one won’t regret any decisions beforehand. This will give one much more space overall. Have an eye doctor’s appt on the first and now have cab money. Then on the second plan to go to Savers to check out the items mentioned such as a small computer desk, smaller table or two, an oval rug, or some facsimile. Am looking forward to it as one ponders it as an adventure. Then one will go the Barnes & Noble as that is nearby as other store are and that will save time in the long run.

“Long And Harsh”

January 17, 2010

As the middle of January has gone by the wayside the days are long and harsh. Although it is now in the mid thirties it is still cold and dreary. The warmth of the sun has disappeared for days and it’s not here presently. One is now blogging verbatim instead of  jotting down something beforehand and then transferring it. It is much easier to do this coming out of one’s thoughts than doing it the other way. Less stressful on one’s part. Haven’t been strolling in a while, for there is still snow on the ground and it is still cold. So have been using one’s time in a very constructive ways. Went to B&N a couple of weeks ago and picked up several books ordered beforehand over the phone. They are by Denis Hamill who is the brother of Pete Hamill. Excellent writing runs in the family. This particular book in which I am reading now is ” The Sins of Two Fathers” It is very intricate and with intrigue. Then one plans to read a series of his books. Along with that there is,” Ten Spot”, “Long Time Gone” and “Fork in the Road” Will read those at one’s leisure. Been still listening to wls radio occasionally and find the morning talk shows entertaining. Wanted to plan to go to Indpls. for 10 days at least however while chatting with Vivian one came to the realisation of being unwelcome. So one tried to phone Anne and got the same response. So instead of feeling bad one just won’t take the time to even give them the time of day. It will be less stressful on one’s part for one always felt uneasy around them even before this incident happen. One would go out of one’s way to bypass comments and consider the source. One sent emails to Dara her daughter to inform her of her mother’s behavior and also sent an email to Becca, Anne ‘s daughter to inform her likewise. Like one’s neices so will continue to befriend them. It is annoying that they think that 10 days in a long time to spend together and moreso that these are blood relatives. So thought otherwise. Also left a message with Anne to cheer up and to tell Vivian to do the same when she sees her. That is one’s sisterly advice for both them. It bothers me though one hadn’t seen them for Christmas or Thanksgiving. So one will count one’s blessings and press on with life.

“Keeping On Top Of It”

January 7, 2010

There is now a massive snowfall which will continue tonight and end with flurries at noon tomorrow. It is a light snowfall so one has been shovelling today a couple of times already. Fortunately at the moment the temps aren’t frigid so in that respect it’s not too bad. There is a foot or so in all. Really don’t mind b/c it is great exercise providing if one takes it in stride. Exercise within reason, eating right, keeping one’s weight down is the key. This isn’t to say that these should be to the extreme, however it should be to the best of one’s ability. Not only be physically correct be emotionally, intellectually as well. These all work together. Walking and swimming are the best for it lets one’s body be active. If one doesn’t have that desire it should be good to at least have some positive exercise, if as little as possible. Everyone thinks that running to the doctor at a moments notice it alright. However one doesn’t agree with that. One should listen to one’s body and be their own doctor. One only has a dentist and an optomologist which is very well for oneself. One had weird looks at the emergency room when one had an arm injury, that in their point of view one should have had a primary physician. That surely isn’t for oneself. It is best to think for oneself regardless of what views others may have.


January 6, 2010

The winter weather is continuing with more snow on the way in the next day or so. Some events are obviously expected. Events continue to occur despite the stations in life, the various accumulation of dept one has or as well as the amount of wealth one has. The advance of medical technology isn’t a factor either. Couldn’t sleep the night before last, thinking of the abduction of an eleven year old girl in Maryland. There were a good deal of neighbours who took the time and searched the area in the hopes of finding her. However in the morning it was not to be successful. It was the discouvery of the girl’s  body in a wooded area. These caring neighbours took special  time out of their Christmas Day to perform an act of kindness which one would think that her parents and relatives appreciated greatly. The wife of Senator John Kerry has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone several operations to stop the cancer dead in its tracks. Stem cell research hasn’t come far enough to make a difference in the spread of diseases. Apparently it isn’t on the agenda of priorities. Whether it is a question of money no one has a clue or worse yet no one seems to care. Or maybe they do, but not enough. Everything is political. That shouldn’t be when it comes to people lives at stake. Maybe someone in the future will champion the populace and finally find an answer.


January 5, 2010

It is very frigidly cold as it is winter in the upper midwest. Fortunately there isn’t much snow. The sun is shining brightly however it doesn’t bring much relief as far as the temps are concerned. An article in the of an organisation called”Girls Blossom” in Bedford Stuvestant. What a tremendous idea and furthermore have gone into fruition. These young women beforehand were in trouble at school, in the fact of fighting on a daily basis. Had low self esteem, failing grades, in various gangs, carried weapons for self defence, from broken homes, in abusive behavior relationships, were felons sentenced to jail for various drug charges for petty crimes. Afterall, despite their background, this unique opportunity gave these girls a second chance for redemption. It would be advantagous to expand this programme to neighbouring states. and it would be better yet to have this in regional areas and even grander to let this go nationwide. Of course, this in reality will take time. However it will be well worth the time. Good things come to those who wait. Best wishes to each and every entrepreneur. One has to give credit , where credit is due.