It is very frigidly cold as it is winter in the upper midwest. Fortunately there isn’t much snow. The sun is shining brightly however it doesn’t bring much relief as far as the temps are concerned. An article in the dailynews.com of an organisation called”Girls Blossom” in Bedford Stuvestant. What a tremendous idea and furthermore have gone into fruition. These young women beforehand were in trouble at school, in the fact of fighting on a daily basis. Had low self esteem, failing grades, in various gangs, carried weapons for self defence, from broken homes, in abusive behavior relationships, were felons sentenced to jail for various drug charges for petty crimes. Afterall, despite their background, this unique opportunity gave these girls a second chance for redemption. It would be advantagous to expand this programme to neighbouring states. and it would be better yet to have this in regional areas and even grander to let this go nationwide. Of course, this in reality will take time. However it will be well worth the time. Good things come to those who wait. Best wishes to each and every entrepreneur. One has to give credit , where credit is due.


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