The winter weather is continuing with more snow on the way in the next day or so. Some events are obviously expected. Events continue to occur despite the stations in life, the various accumulation of dept one has or as well as the amount of wealth one has. The advance of medical technology isn’t a factor either. Couldn’t sleep the night before last, thinking of the abduction of an eleven year old girl in Maryland. There were a good deal of neighbours who took the time and searched the area in the hopes of finding her. However in the morning it was not to be successful. It was the discouvery of the girl’s  body in a wooded area. These caring neighbours took special  time out of their Christmas Day to perform an act of kindness which one would think that her parents and relatives appreciated greatly. The wife of Senator John Kerry has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone several operations to stop the cancer dead in its tracks. Stem cell research hasn’t come far enough to make a difference in the spread of diseases. Apparently it isn’t on the agenda of priorities. Whether it is a question of money no one has a clue or worse yet no one seems to care. Or maybe they do, but not enough. Everything is political. That shouldn’t be when it comes to people lives at stake. Maybe someone in the future will champion the populace and finally find an answer.


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