“Keeping On Top Of It”

There is now a massive snowfall which will continue tonight and end with flurries at noon tomorrow. It is a light snowfall so one has been shovelling today a couple of times already. Fortunately at the moment the temps aren’t frigid so in that respect it’s not too bad. There is a foot or so in all. Really don’t mind b/c it is great exercise providing if one takes it in stride. Exercise within reason, eating right, keeping one’s weight down is the key. This isn’t to say that these should be to the extreme, however it should be to the best of one’s ability. Not only be physically correct be emotionally, intellectually as well. These all work together. Walking and swimming are the best for it lets one’s body be active. If one doesn’t have that desire it should be good to at least have some positive exercise, if as little as possible. Everyone thinks that running to the doctor at a moments notice it alright. However one doesn’t agree with that. One should listen to one’s body and be their own doctor. One only has a dentist and an optomologist which is very well for oneself. One had weird looks at the emergency room when one had an arm injury, that in their point of view one should have had a primary physician. That surely isn’t for oneself. It is best to think for oneself regardless of what views others may have.


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