“Long And Harsh”

As the middle of January has gone by the wayside the days are long and harsh. Although it is now in the mid thirties it is still cold and dreary. The warmth of the sun has disappeared for days and it’s not here presently. One is now blogging verbatim instead of  jotting down something beforehand and then transferring it. It is much easier to do this coming out of one’s thoughts than doing it the other way. Less stressful on one’s part. Haven’t been strolling in a while, for there is still snow on the ground and it is still cold. So have been using one’s time in a very constructive ways. Went to B&N a couple of weeks ago and picked up several books ordered beforehand over the phone. They are by Denis Hamill who is the brother of Pete Hamill. Excellent writing runs in the family. This particular book in which I am reading now is ” The Sins of Two Fathers” It is very intricate and with intrigue. Then one plans to read a series of his books. Along with that there is,” Ten Spot”, “Long Time Gone” and “Fork in the Road” Will read those at one’s leisure. Been still listening to wls radio occasionally and find the morning talk shows entertaining. Wanted to plan to go to Indpls. for 10 days at least however while chatting with Vivian one came to the realisation of being unwelcome. So one tried to phone Anne and got the same response. So instead of feeling bad one just won’t take the time to even give them the time of day. It will be less stressful on one’s part for one always felt uneasy around them even before this incident happen. One would go out of one’s way to bypass comments and consider the source. One sent emails to Dara her daughter to inform her of her mother’s behavior and also sent an email to Becca, Anne ‘s daughter to inform her likewise. Like one’s neices so will continue to befriend them. It is annoying that they think that 10 days in a long time to spend together and moreso that these are blood relatives. So thought otherwise. Also left a message with Anne to cheer up and to tell Vivian to do the same when she sees her. That is one’s sisterly advice for both them. It bothers me though one hadn’t seen them for Christmas or Thanksgiving. So one will count one’s blessings and press on with life.


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