“Bright Yet Promising”

Although it is still gloomy, dreary and cold without a trace of sunshine in sight, the days ahead are bright yet promising. Instead of taking daily strolls b/c of patches of ice and snow on the ground, one has occupied one’s time with reading a series of Denis Hamill books. What a tremendous talent to keep one mesmerised throughout until the finality. Also using constructive time networking and keeping in touch with various family members and not giving the time of day to others. Chatting with certain friends via phone. Mentally making plans about the future too. Intend to rearrange one’s room, giving one’s sofa, loveseat¬†and table to St. Vincent De Paul. However before that one has to ponder where one is going to sleep as one sleeps on the sofa now and has been for at least a few years. Also have to ponder how to disconnect then reconnect one’s computer, and other electrical devices. Intend to go to Savers to check out the items there while in the process making the accurate decisions. Giving one enough time to think ahead so one won’t regret any decisions beforehand. This will give one much more space overall. Have an eye doctor’s appt on the first and now have cab money. Then on the second plan to go to Savers to check out the items mentioned such as a small computer desk, smaller table or two, an oval rug, or some facsimile. Am looking forward to it as one ponders it as an adventure. Then one will go the Barnes & Noble as that is nearby as other store are and that will save time in the long run.


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