On these long days of winter one has to find solace. One has treated everyone who comes in contact with oneself as individuals on a human to human basis, without regarding issues, labels and such. All one’s life one has found the celebration of the Mass to be a strength despite being an obligation. If for instance one would be in the company of others such as in a congregation one would naturally be thinking of other things, such as life itself, what one would do after taking part, looking around as to how others are dress and just have their mind wonder to other things and not have full concentration at the moment at hand. While Ian and family were oversees, Michelle his wife had geared people to sundaymass.org. as featured on their website. So one has taken advantage of that site in hearing and viewing Mass in the solitude of one’s room. Been doing this weekly for a while. It is better to accomplish this act and has been adventageous in the fact of really hearing it in its entirety and getting something out of it in the process. Listening to the homily, the sermon as well as the three principle parts of the Mass itself to make it complete. It is very well done with choir, music and inspiring words. There are five priests involved one of them being Father Edward Beck as main spokesman and what one would refer to as main moderator. There was a Christmas Mass of an hour in a half and another one which took a half hour. The first one was celebrated by Mons. Timothy Dolan Archbishop of  New York and the video each week takes place in a small chapel conducted by the Passionist Fathers in Riverdale, New York. Everyone in life has to hold one to something more powerful than themselves, if they are Jewish, Hindu, Protestant, Moslem or Catholic. That is the way it is.


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