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February 12, 2010

As here there is still snow and sunny weather, the East coast is recouvering slowly from two heavy blizzard snowstorms, which were impacted all the way and couvered more states the second time. Now there is a two inch snowfall in the Deep South which is unheard of all the way to the Fla panhandle. With the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver which lasts fifteen days and Valentine’s Day on Sunday, one is thinking about it. The design has to be interwoven into the fabric. If the pattern has something foreign in it then it is turn out wrong. Arabics one being Sunni who speaks Farsi and Shiites who speak arabic, these individuals don’t become romantically involved. The Hindus and the Moslems don’t either. The Japanese and Chinese don’t. The Ukranians and the Russians don’t. And the blacks and whites don’t. There is an exception to the rule. Maybe those who do are making a political statement, sometimes it is a business arrangement to move ahead financially. Sometimes there is rare love involved on either part however not on both. America is the melting pot so it seems. There is too much to consider. One, the family. Two, the food, Three, the language. These are a few of endless issues which can stress out anyone. Even in America there are individuals who don’t. The Rednecks have their own language and others can’t decipher them. The Hillbilies are another. It is best when seeking a romantic relationship to keep in mind a status of equality and never go beneath that. It is alright to go higher but never lower. Also keep in mind class too. It is good too to find out what are the likes and dislikes of both and then find a compromise. If there are major differences then that is a sign that will be disaster. There are always minor differences to consider, then both should work through them. Just play the cards you have been dealt and win instead of loose in the process. In that way all will be content instead of just settling for someone and being forever unhappy.

“Self Contained”

February 10, 2010

The other day one took a leisurely stroll for the third time this year and again the bay was completely couvered with snow and the nearby lawns were too couvered as well. The sun was shining brightly and the snow was sparkling like several diamonds. How beautiful! One is self contained rather than self absorbed. Been thinking awhile as to how to address this. Came from the  eye doctor last week. It was a checkup, everything was stable which is great. The doctor said that I was doing remarkably well due to the cards I’ve been delt, seeing 20/20 in one’s right eye after  having surgery in 1985 to remove a congenital cataract which was successfully done by Dr. James J. Mc Callum. A total of 5 surgeries done when I was a child for the same condition was done unsuccessfully on the left eye. In both cases the the lenses were removed. So one has had prescriptions glasses which are worn. As a result of the 5 surgeries a scar tissue is there. Dr. Michael B. Shapiro ask this time if the scar tissue hurt. I ask immediately why and he said that something which at this moment one can’t recall the answer. However one told him no that it doesn’t. He checked the pressure too and it was fine. One had questioned the scar tissue and he was forthright in saying that it was a little less than a millimeter in length and that it couvered the iris and cornea. Ask about a cornea transplant and in one’s case that couldn’t be done however didn’t emphasize why. In an earlier conversation Dr. Shapiro made a statement and one immediately said that I looked on it as a minor inconvenience. He said that I had a very good outlook on the subject. One then quietly congratulated oneself. While thinking of some new frames for these present specs, one questioned the optical dept. there and they said that b/c I had bifocals the only type of lenses that were available would be one’s without the line which would be readjusting to the distance vision. These would be comprised of a much thinner lens too. So one thought about it and came to the conclusion to withdraw the idea. The eyes are the window of your soul.


February 9, 2010

Another record snowfall is suppose to last until Wednesday which will be a total of 36 hours of snow with wind near blizzard conditions. The temps aren’t cold presently so it was pleasant getting some wee bit of exercise while shoveling earlier. Took the opportunity yesterday to view a group of photos from a disc which my brother had given me. Among them were several pictures of my grandmother on my father’s side of the family. These images were just that being that one has never met her, much less spoken to her. Often wondered if one had what I would say? Often too thinking what mannerisms would she possess? What kind of facial expressions would she make? My sister Vivian saw and spoken to her and one would have thought that my brother had done the same. Maybe for that matter my sisters Anne and Christine had also done that, for they were in Fla., at one point of their lives where she had resided. I am named after her so at least that was something. My being a grandmother myself, ones grandchildren, Katherine, Rebecca, Nicholas and Jonathon have met me, not once but several times. I have given Christmas presents to them, have shared notes and ideas with them, spoken to them occasionally via phone, and they are free to phone me anytime they desire. Their other grandmother, Wanda, Michelle’s mother has a better relationship as she lives in close proximity, has the money to travel when Ian and family are oversees. Wanda is a very loving and lovely woman and one has spoken to her and I have a good relationship with her as well. So let’s not get off the beaten tract. One’s point is that I’ve crushed the cycle. This is far better than what one has had. Again there was something missing in my life.


February 6, 2010

As the sun brightly shines, one took a stroll yesterday. It wasn’t bad although there were patches of ice to contend with overlook and carefully. The bay was still couvered with snow underneath frozen solid and there were groups of people doing some ice fishing with various bits of equipment made for others things too. They looked content as one viewed them from the sidewalk and was thankful that I wasn’t part of their malarkey. Now I am in the course of reading a series of Denis Hamill books. I am on the 4th one and have ordered 6 more from B&N in which they were all used and are coming from book dealers in a matter of time. What a source of joy in these bleak cold snowy days? It is so worthwhile in a meriad of ways. While appreciating this, one often thinks of people who aren’t able to have the gift of literacy and when going shopping for their daily nourishment are unable to read the basic words on the aisles which indicate the content of food within the numerous cans. This is very tragic to me in a country such as this. The Literacy Council stress the situation of the immigrant and provides languages provided to them and ignores the unfortunate american citizens. Often wonder why this takes place. Is this done for political reasons? This is a sad state of events. Why doesn’t the Literacy Council focus on the americans who keep their secrets within themselves because of the shame and stigma? Also at B&N one will ask for the used section and obtain books by Frank Mc Court, a sequel to Angela’s Ashes called “Tis” and “Teacher Man” which I already have and along with ” Angela and the Baby Jesus”  which I don’t have. These 3 books will be sent to my neice Liz Papadreas who likes Frank Mc Court style of writing. Liz may want to read the last one to Owen Alexander in the same turn getting something out of it as well. These books mentioned have been on sale and at bargain prices in the past. Know the Liz and Dave will be thrilled to receive them. As the year progresses one will also purchase a small selective amount of books, dvds for upcoming presents.


February 4, 2010

Again the weather seems to be calming to a point of nomality. Still the snow is there yet not as unbearable as it was previously. Never ever be judgmental. It is an insidious trait. To make a supposition, or to subjugate or be degraded are completely wrong as well. There are organisations everywhere, namely here as well whose members are atheists and agnostics. These members are just as normal as the rest of us. Caring and loving individuals who care and treat animals, the environment and each other in a healthful way. They are in every status in life. Some are highly educated making a six figure salary, refined and have the finest manners. They are living breathing individuals who have the same emotions feelings as the rest of  the populace. Some are in the entertainment business too.What is the angle? Say for instance if one of them were a member of your family. Would you make allowances for them? For they are members of their own loving family as well. Naturally it is correct to never shun anyone.

“Accentuate The Positive”

February 3, 2010

The weather now is pleasantly comfortable considering it is still winter with a new couvering of snow on the surface of the ground and the sun shining brightly. Feels as though one may take a stroll soon if the weather is up to par. Only been since the first of December since the last one. Generally speaking, the populace should accentuate the positive. However in most case that isn’t so. If, for instance one is with a group of people and in the course of conversation a question is addressed by another to oneself and instead of the person waiting for the appropriate answer someone else answers the question for them giving the answer that in some respects could be different or the same as the one you were suppose to answer. That is most irritating to the umpth degree. It also borders on rudeness as well. Another premise is that someone dominates the conversation, speaking only about themselves not even taking a breath to ask you how things are in one’s life. In the same vane, someone will control the conversation or putting on their preferred music which will be indifferent to the rest of the group. The individual doesn’t even ask if anyone else has any objections. Someone in the group could have thoughts far different than the rest and feels uncomfortable and as a result just stands there without anyone else even saying a word to them. It is better to be with someone on a one to one basis than in a group. A rule of thumb in a conversation is to ask the other person about themselves and in that way you will find out what you have in common with them and then act accordingly. There is always something one has in common regardless of who they are. A start would be use common courtesy, listening is a factor and speak as little at first to get a handle on that person. Then gradually speak more and more as the situation arises. In that way one will find harmony.