“Accentuate The Positive”

The weather now is pleasantly comfortable considering it is still winter with a new couvering of snow on the surface of the ground and the sun shining brightly. Feels as though one may take a stroll soon if the weather is up to par. Only been since the first of December since the last one. Generally speaking, the populace should accentuate the positive. However in most case that isn’t so. If, for instance one is with a group of people and in the course of conversation a question is addressed by another to oneself and instead of the person waiting for the appropriate answer someone else answers the question for them giving the answer that in some respects could be different or the same as the one you were suppose to answer. That is most irritating to the umpth degree. It also borders on rudeness as well. Another premise is that someone dominates the conversation, speaking only about themselves not even taking a breath to ask you how things are in one’s life. In the same vane, someone will control the conversation or putting on their preferred music which will be indifferent to the rest of the group. The individual doesn’t even ask if anyone else has any objections. Someone in the group could have thoughts far different than the rest and feels uncomfortable and as a result just stands there without anyone else even saying a word to them. It is better to be with someone on a one to one basis than in a group. A rule of thumb in a conversation is to ask the other person about themselves and in that way you will find out what you have in common with them and then act accordingly. There is always something one has in common regardless of who they are. A start would be use common courtesy, listening is a factor and speak as little at first to get a handle on that person. Then gradually speak more and more as the situation arises. In that way one will find harmony.


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