Again the weather seems to be calming to a point of nomality. Still the snow is there yet not as unbearable as it was previously. Never ever be judgmental. It is an insidious trait. To make a supposition, or to subjugate or be degraded are completely wrong as well. There are organisations everywhere, namely here as well whose members are atheists and agnostics. These members are just as normal as the rest of us. Caring and loving individuals who care and treat animals, the environment and each other in a healthful way. They are in every status in life. Some are highly educated making a six figure salary, refined and have the finest manners. They are living breathing individuals who have the same emotions feelings as the rest of  the populace. Some are in the entertainment business too.What is the angle? Say for instance if one of them were a member of your family. Would you make allowances for them? For they are members of their own loving family as well. Naturally it is correct to never shun anyone.


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