As the sun brightly shines, one took a stroll yesterday. It wasn’t bad although there were patches of ice to contend with overlook and carefully. The bay was still couvered with snow underneath frozen solid and there were groups of people doing some ice fishing with various bits of equipment made for others things too. They looked content as one viewed them from the sidewalk and was thankful that I wasn’t part of their malarkey. Now I am in the course of reading a series of Denis Hamill books. I am on the 4th one and have ordered 6 more from B&N in which they were all used and are coming from book dealers in a matter of time. What a source of joy in these bleak cold snowy days? It is so worthwhile in a meriad of ways. While appreciating this, one often thinks of people who aren’t able to have the gift of literacy and when going shopping for their daily nourishment are unable to read the basic words on the aisles which indicate the content of food within the numerous cans. This is very tragic to me in a country such as this. The Literacy Council stress the situation of the immigrant and provides languages provided to them and ignores the unfortunate american citizens. Often wonder why this takes place. Is this done for political reasons? This is a sad state of events. Why doesn’t the Literacy Council focus on the americans who keep their secrets within themselves because of the shame and stigma? Also at B&N one will ask for the used section and obtain books by Frank Mc Court, a sequel to Angela’s Ashes called “Tis” and “Teacher Man” which I already have and along with ” Angela and the Baby Jesus”¬† which I don’t have. These 3 books will be sent to my neice Liz Papadreas who likes Frank Mc Court style of writing. Liz may want to read the last one to Owen Alexander in the same turn getting something out of it as well. These books mentioned have been on sale and at bargain prices in the past. Know the Liz and Dave will be thrilled to receive them. As the year progresses one will also purchase a small selective amount of books, dvds for upcoming presents.


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