Another record snowfall is suppose to last until Wednesday which will be a total of 36 hours of snow with wind near blizzard conditions. The temps aren’t cold presently so it was pleasant getting some wee bit of exercise while shoveling earlier. Took the opportunity yesterday to view a group of photos from a disc which my brother had given me. Among them were several pictures of my grandmother on my father’s side of the family. These images were just that being that one has never met her, much less spoken to her. Often wondered if one had what I would say? Often too thinking what mannerisms would she possess? What kind of facial expressions would she make? My sister Vivian saw and spoken to her and one would have thought that my brother had done the same. Maybe for that matter my sisters Anne and Christine had also done that, for they were in Fla., at one point of their lives where she had resided. I am named after her so at least that was something. My being a grandmother myself, ones grandchildren, Katherine, Rebecca, Nicholas and Jonathon have met me, not once but several times. I have given Christmas presents to them, have shared notes and ideas with them, spoken to them occasionally via phone, and they are free to phone me anytime they desire. Their other grandmother, Wanda, Michelle’s mother has a better relationship as she lives in close proximity, has the money to travel when Ian and family are oversees. Wanda is a very loving and lovely woman and one has spoken to her and I have a good relationship with her as well. So let’s not get off the beaten tract. One’s point is that I’ve crushed the cycle. This is far better than what one has had. Again there was something missing in my life.


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