“Self Contained”

The other day one took a leisurely stroll for the third time this year and again the bay was completely couvered with snow and the nearby lawns were too couvered as well. The sun was shining brightly and the snow was sparkling like several diamonds. How beautiful! One is self contained rather than self absorbed. Been thinking awhile as to how to address this. Came from the  eye doctor last week. It was a checkup, everything was stable which is great. The doctor said that I was doing remarkably well due to the cards I’ve been delt, seeing 20/20 in one’s right eye after  having surgery in 1985 to remove a congenital cataract which was successfully done by Dr. James J. Mc Callum. A total of 5 surgeries done when I was a child for the same condition was done unsuccessfully on the left eye. In both cases the the lenses were removed. So one has had prescriptions glasses which are worn. As a result of the 5 surgeries a scar tissue is there. Dr. Michael B. Shapiro ask this time if the scar tissue hurt. I ask immediately why and he said that something which at this moment one can’t recall the answer. However one told him no that it doesn’t. He checked the pressure too and it was fine. One had questioned the scar tissue and he was forthright in saying that it was a little less than a millimeter in length and that it couvered the iris and cornea. Ask about a cornea transplant and in one’s case that couldn’t be done however didn’t emphasize why. In an earlier conversation Dr. Shapiro made a statement and one immediately said that I looked on it as a minor inconvenience. He said that I had a very good outlook on the subject. One then quietly congratulated oneself. While thinking of some new frames for these present specs, one questioned the optical dept. there and they said that b/c I had bifocals the only type of lenses that were available would be one’s without the line which would be readjusting to the distance vision. These would be comprised of a much thinner lens too. So one thought about it and came to the conclusion to withdraw the idea. The eyes are the window of your soul.


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