As here there is still snow and sunny weather, the East coast is recouvering slowly from two heavy blizzard snowstorms, which were impacted all the way and couvered more states the second time. Now there is a two inch snowfall in the Deep South which is unheard of all the way to the Fla panhandle. With the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver which lasts fifteen days and Valentine’s Day on Sunday, one is thinking about it. The design has to be interwoven into the fabric. If the pattern has something foreign in it then it is turn out wrong. Arabics one being Sunni who speaks Farsi and Shiites who speak arabic, these individuals don’t become romantically involved. The Hindus and the Moslems don’t either. The Japanese and Chinese don’t. The Ukranians and the Russians don’t. And the blacks and whites don’t. There is an exception to the rule. Maybe those who do are making a political statement, sometimes it is a business arrangement to move ahead financially. Sometimes there is rare love involved on either part however not on both. America is the melting pot so it seems. There is too much to consider. One, the family. Two, the food, Three, the language. These are a few of endless issues which can stress out anyone. Even in America there are individuals who don’t. The Rednecks have their own language and others can’t decipher them. The Hillbilies are another. It is best when seeking a romantic relationship to keep in mind a status of equality and never go beneath that. It is alright to go higher but never lower. Also keep in mind class too. It is good too to find out what are the likes and dislikes of both and then find a compromise. If there are major differences then that is a sign that will be disaster. There are always minor differences to consider, then both should work through them. Just play the cards you have been dealt and win instead of loose in the process. In that way all will be content instead of just settling for someone and being forever unhappy.


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