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March 24, 2010

With having cold yet sunny day upon us now wonder when Spring will finally come underway and stay. Fortunately no more snow is predicted. Afterall this is the 4th day of Spring, and Holy Week is next week so maybe one will think that Spring will be here after Easter, only one may imagine. Been taking an occasional stroll, finished the 10th book in a series of Denis Hamill, was simply marvelous, called ” Throwing 7’s”. To differentiate an animal from a human being there is the mind to consider. Each mind in very unique and is secretly stored with individual thoughts. There is very little one knows about this organ between the ears. What one knows already is obvious, that is controlled copacetically harmonised with the muscles, joints, blood, and other organs that make up the body. This mind is also contains the senses, which are sight, hearing, touch, taste and feeling. There are many discouveries which medicine hasn’t revealed yet. The medical community is eager to find cures of diseases that is understandably fine. There is only a minute understanding of how the mind works. The mind is the same as to which gender it is referring, only minor emotional changes despite what is written. Research should be undertaken to find how the mind could be better and be explored in depth moreso has to how the mind may benefit human beings in positive ways. Someone may give all the suggestions to others however only that person may take the initiative to get results. The mind is a treasure chest waiting to be open. It is like a planet with unknown wonders waiting to be unravelled. Even a newborn infant has phenomenon. It would be simply grand with the use of videos and microphone technology to focus into that, and other positive aspects. Or maybe researches may look into cadavors, or perhaps moments before the mind is flatlined.


March 16, 2010

With the sun glaring on the earth’s surface, one thinks of Spring in the near future. Relatively temps are seasonal fortunately at this time of year. One also thinks it would be highly motivational to donate the proceeds of the cd by “Toad The Wet Sprocket” to the country of Chile. After all their misery they are induring due to the recent earthquake. Of course it stands to reason that they are a people who help themselves anyway possible. However this would be an added boost. In doing so then a new group of people, a new generation may hear these talented artists perform. Not all their songs are good for that matter not even mediocre however this particular one which will be tagged at the end of this blog is exceptional from beginning to end. Their is a middle song which is entitled “Chile” which envisions their plight in life overall despite the despisable earthquake which addenda to the enigma. What a wonderful experience to have others hear and thus appreciate this type of alternative music.

“An Idea”

March 12, 2010

There was dense fog the previous day as one took a daily stroll. Walking was fine however when one had reached the park all one could view was the bright traffic lights. Then returning home the fog gradually lifted. Yesterday while strolling it was raining and one viewed circles within circles within smaller circles as rain came pounding down to the pavement. There was gushes of water going to the sewer blocked with huge pieces of ice. There were flocks of birds flying by two in perfect percision. An idea came to oneself with the rapid flux of predators of  young children with their murders on the rise. A solution would be, transport all the sex offenders in the nation to a state that isn’t that populated. Before that advise the people who are in that state to leave and go to a neighbouring state. An incentive is to pay their expensives to find an adequate safe refuge for them to reside. There are at most 10,000 people who are a nemesis to society and only a myriad of them are murderers. When this remote state is empty of innocent citizens then transport the entire 10,000 predators to let them live throughout their life there. Why should the hardworking taxpapers of this country pay for trials, prisons, halfway houses providing treatment for these individuals. These low-life scums who concoct dreadful dispictable acts on the general populace shouldn’t be awarded with defense or prosecution of their cases. The energy, time shouldn’t be negated. When one hears horrid acts one expects it to be in a state that is of ignorance, or backwardness. Yet if one hears of the same in a progressive state as N.J., that just happened one is appalled.


March 7, 2010

The days are seemingly slow toward the season of Spring. There is still a chill in the air, as one had taken a stroll yesterday, gearing in winter clothing. At the beginning of it there were many puddles and water on the ground leftover from the snow which was piled high along the way. Therefore one had to zigzay to prevent the patches of ice. The bay is still couvered with as many as fifty persons scattered throughout with various types of gear. Just recently there was a bruhaha with me in the middle. Not mentioning the details and names. When one had gotten off the phone, one had wanted to take a walk and recess the situation as one was trying to stay neutral. Instead of taking a walk b/c it was very cold, one took a packet of pecan sandies and started eating them. Had quite a more than quite a few, as it was affecting oneself emotionally. Thought while doing so, how an eating disorder could occur as anorexia or bulimia. How awful that would be. While one was scooping up some groceries earlier last month. Had been feeling under the weather. One has the practice of eating breakfast each and every morning. This particular morning had only some coffee w/o cream and had some oatmeal in night before. So as I was watching prices at the grocery, one was feeling still out of sorts. Spent $130.00 which was really too much. However one eats only twice a day. One’s intention is to go again in April. Eating conditions may happen at any age. The cause is ambiguous. To be aware of conditions is innocuous. One must listen and be aware of things within their own body. One must have the presence of mind to actually be concerned. It could and does happen to anyone regardless. It may creep up without knowing it. It could be a secret like gambling. One must constantly be on top of things, before it becomes an uncontrollable issue. One must eat to live and not live to eat. Only that individual may make decision for themselves in order for their own makeup and survival. One must feel good about what they do and not take pointers from people who don’t have their own interest at heart.


March 2, 2010

Again the sun is out warming the hearts, minds,bodies of everyone in its path. First of all, let me thank wordpress/facebook for their excellence in couverage of my blogs so that friends/family may view them at their leisure. If one has ever seen or watched a hockey game. The thrill of it speaks for itself. The trajectory of the puck as it is careened at top velocity by skilled players in order to make as many goal in the three periods allowed and sometimes it may go into overtime. Equally thrilling is to watch a bob-sled run in which there are a two or four man team. The first man who steers the sled with the aid of the second man and the runner or breakmen with the aid of the third man. At the top the sled goes off rather slowly and then gains moderate speed as it rivets into curvers and tries and succeeds toward the finish line. There are often persons along the way to cheer them. Then there is the luge course in which one man flat down while steering with their feet must have their body at such an angle as to not make a mistake. The word luge comes from the French and is Belgiun of origin. This sled looks as though it is flat on the ice with only merely minutely. The timing must be exact. There isn’t a room for errors. As a jet takes off the pilots must have the volition to know when it can be put on cruise control. A racecar driver who is on the race circuit and the cars reach over 200 plus miles an hour, the driver must have the savor-faire in order for the car not to hydroplane. There is not room for human error. These persons definitely don’t have a death wish. They only live life to the fullest.


March 1, 2010

The sun continues to shine brightly despite the cold and the endless snow. Have only strolled very little in the past few days however as the temps. become milder will do a great deal more. As the song goes, take me out to the ball game etcetra, let’s chat about that. When a pitcher with the variety of types thrown to the batter with the catcher in back of him. The force of the ball thrown by the pitcher could be clocked at miles an hour 80,90 or more as the ball reaches the batter. Then the batter hits the ball with such a force in order to get runs in the game. As the ball with such a force sometimes it could injure the batter. Now let’s chat about football. When the putter tosses the ball from the goal line and it goes up in the air it goes clearly over the stands and sometimes reaches the top of the stadium and comes crashing down as the putter makes a field goal and scores. My grandson, Nicholas can describe the rules of football in a clearer manner. Now lets chat about soccer, the forward aims the ball to the opposite direction in order to score a goal. The halfback or striker needs to have enough stamina to run the length of the field. The right or left wing may have an opportunity to score a goal as well. The goal tender has to save as many as possible. It can be somewhat challenging when the balls kicked, kneed or headed to him come with such power it is most difficult to save or stop them as they come one after another. Have been reading another book in the series of Denis Hamill which is called”House on Fire”. It is most engaging and compelling. Want to invite my family/friends on facebook to read my blogs. It isn’t clear whether or not the blogs have to be registered or not in order for that to happen. Want to keep my blogs private not just for anyone to read. Just for ones I select. Will be going to Borders tomorrow and going to the post office as well.