The sun continues to shine brightly despite the cold and the endless snow. Have only strolled very little in the past few days however as the temps. become milder will do a great deal more. As the song goes, take me out to the ball game etcetra, let’s chat about that. When a pitcher with the variety of types thrown to the batter with the catcher in back of him. The force of the ball thrown by the pitcher could be clocked at miles an hour 80,90 or more as the ball reaches the batter. Then the batter hits the ball with such a force in order to get runs in the game. As the ball with such a force sometimes it could injure the batter. Now let’s chat about football. When the putter tosses the ball from the goal line and it goes up in the air it goes clearly over the stands and sometimes reaches the top of the stadium and comes crashing down as the putter makes a field goal and scores. My grandson, Nicholas can describe the rules of football in a clearer manner. Now lets chat about soccer, the forward aims the ball to the opposite direction in order to score a goal. The halfback or striker needs to have enough stamina to run the length of the field. The right or left wing may have an opportunity to score a goal as well. The goal tender has to save as many as possible. It can be somewhat challenging when the balls kicked, kneed or headed to him come with such power it is most difficult to save or stop them as they come one after another. Have been reading another book in the series of Denis Hamill which is called”House on Fire”. It is most engaging and compelling. Want to invite my family/friends on facebook to read my blogs. It isn’t clear whether or not the blogs have to be registered or not in order for that to happen. Want to keep my blogs private not just for anyone to read. Just for ones I select. Will be going to Borders tomorrow and going to the post office as well.


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