Again the sun is out warming the hearts, minds,bodies of everyone in its path. First of all, let me thank wordpress/facebook for their excellence in couverage of my blogs so that friends/family may view them at their leisure. If one has ever seen or watched a hockey game. The thrill of it speaks for itself. The trajectory of the puck as it is careened at top velocity by skilled players in order to make as many goal in the three periods allowed and sometimes it may go into overtime. Equally thrilling is to watch a bob-sled run in which there are a two or four man team. The first man who steers the sled with the aid of the second man and the runner or breakmen with the aid of the third man. At the top the sled goes off rather slowly and then gains moderate speed as it rivets into curvers and tries and succeeds toward the finish line. There are often persons along the way to cheer them. Then there is the luge course in which one man flat down while steering with their feet must have their body at such an angle as to not make a mistake. The word luge comes from the French and is Belgiun of origin. This sled looks as though it is flat on the ice with only merely minutely. The timing must be exact. There isn’t a room for errors. As a jet takes off the pilots must have the volition to know when it can be put on cruise control. A racecar driver who is on the race circuit and the cars reach over 200 plus miles an hour, the driver must have the savor-faire in order for the car not to hydroplane. There is not room for human error. These persons definitely don’t have a death wish. They only live life to the fullest.


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