The days are seemingly slow toward the season of Spring. There is still a chill in the air, as one had taken a stroll yesterday, gearing in winter clothing. At the beginning of it there were many puddles and water on the ground leftover from the snow which was piled high along the way. Therefore one had to zigzay to prevent the patches of ice. The bay is still couvered with as many as fifty persons scattered throughout with various types of gear. Just recently there was a bruhaha with me in the middle. Not mentioning the details and names. When one had gotten off the phone, one had wanted to take a walk and recess the situation as one was trying to stay neutral. Instead of taking a walk b/c it was very cold, one took a packet of pecan sandies and started eating them. Had quite a more than quite a few, as it was affecting oneself emotionally. Thought while doing so, how an eating disorder could occur as anorexia or bulimia. How awful that would be. While one was scooping up some groceries earlier last month. Had been feeling under the weather. One has the practice of eating breakfast each and every morning. This particular morning had only some coffee w/o cream and had some oatmeal in night before. So as I was watching prices at the grocery, one was feeling still out of sorts. Spent $130.00 which was really too much. However one eats only twice a day. One’s intention is to go again in April. Eating conditions may happen at any age. The cause is ambiguous. To be aware of conditions is innocuous. One must listen and be aware of things within their own body. One must have the presence of mind to actually be concerned. It could and does happen to anyone regardless. It may creep up without knowing it. It could be a secret like gambling. One must constantly be on top of things, before it becomes an uncontrollable issue. One must eat to live and not live to eat. Only that individual may make decision for themselves in order for their own makeup and survival. One must feel good about what they do and not take pointers from people who don’t have their own interest at heart.


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