“An Idea”

There was dense fog the previous day as one took a daily stroll. Walking was fine however when one had reached the park all one could view was the bright traffic lights. Then returning home the fog gradually lifted. Yesterday while strolling it was raining and one viewed circles within circles within smaller circles as rain came pounding down to the pavement. There was gushes of water going to the sewer blocked with huge pieces of ice. There were flocks of birds flying by two in perfect percision. An idea came to oneself with the rapid flux of predators of  young children with their murders on the rise. A solution would be, transport all the sex offenders in the nation to a state that isn’t that populated. Before that advise the people who are in that state to leave and go to a neighbouring state. An incentive is to pay their expensives to find an adequate safe refuge for them to reside. There are at most 10,000 people who are a nemesis to society and only a myriad of them are murderers. When this remote state is empty of innocent citizens then transport the entire 10,000 predators to let them live throughout their life there. Why should the hardworking taxpapers of this country pay for trials, prisons, halfway houses providing treatment for these individuals. These low-life scums who concoct dreadful dispictable acts on the general populace shouldn’t be awarded with defense or prosecution of their cases. The energy, time shouldn’t be negated. When one hears horrid acts one expects it to be in a state that is of ignorance, or backwardness. Yet if one hears of the same in a progressive state as N.J., that just happened one is appalled.


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