With the sun glaring on the earth’s surface, one thinks of Spring in the near future. Relatively temps are seasonal fortunately at this time of year. One also thinks it would be highly motivational to donate the proceeds of the cd by “Toad The Wet Sprocket” to the country of Chile. After all their misery they are induring due to the recent earthquake. Of course it stands to reason that they are a people who help themselves anyway possible. However this would be an added boost. In doing so then a new group of people, a new generation may hear these talented artists perform. Not all their songs are good for that matter not even mediocre however this particular one which will be tagged at the end of this blog is exceptional from beginning to end. Their is a middle song which is entitled “Chile” which envisions their plight in life overall despite the despisable earthquake which addenda to the enigma. What a wonderful experience to have others hear and thus appreciate this type of alternative music.


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