With having cold yet sunny day upon us now wonder when Spring will finally come underway and stay. Fortunately no more snow is predicted. Afterall this is the 4th day of Spring, and Holy Week is next week so maybe one will think that Spring will be here after Easter, only one may imagine. Been taking an occasional stroll, finished the 10th book in a series of Denis Hamill, was simply marvelous, called ” Throwing 7’s”. To differentiate an animal from a human being there is the mind to consider. Each mind in very unique and is secretly stored with individual thoughts. There is very little one knows about this organ between the ears. What one knows already is obvious, that is controlled copacetically harmonised with the muscles, joints, blood, and other organs that make up the body. This mind is also contains the senses, which are sight, hearing, touch, taste and feeling. There are many discouveries which medicine hasn’t revealed yet. The medical community is eager to find cures of diseases that is understandably fine. There is only a minute understanding of how the mind works. The mind is the same as to which gender it is referring, only minor emotional changes despite what is written. Research should be undertaken to find how the mind could be better and be explored in depth moreso has to how the mind may benefit human beings in positive ways. Someone may give all the suggestions to others however only that person may take the initiative to get results. The mind is a treasure chest waiting to be open. It is like a planet with unknown wonders waiting to be unravelled. Even a newborn infant has phenomenon. It would be simply grand with the use of videos and microphone technology to focus into that, and other positive aspects. Or maybe researches may look into cadavors, or perhaps moments before the mind is flatlined.


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