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“Trying,Striving And Succeeding”

April 26, 2010

The sun is finally shining as this past weekend was cold and raining. For a few hours on Friday morning, one was under the weather however bounced back and took a stroll along the bay as it was warmer. This month seems  weatherwise it has been up and down. Trying each day is difficult. Striving to make life better. Succeeding is a goal. When one sees items that for now are unattainable because of unaffordability, one gets disheartened. When one has a passport and is longing to use it, and has had it for five years one get impatient. When one wants to go shopping for new clothes and isn’t able to do that for now. One finds that it is a luxury. When food is a necessity and it is consumed daily once or twice a day in order for it to last a certain amount of time, one is thinking in the vane of health. When one goes to the grocery store and won’t buy items out of just desire rather than just needing it, because lack of expense. Human nature gets in the way. Restricting oneself to a point is good. One would never want to be anyone else in order to have just material items. When one wants to travel, one has to earmark the amount allocated, the same goes for the dentist, and the eye doctor. Which are extremely important to one’s overall health. One has to conclude where there’s life there’s hope.

“Pulling At The Heart Strings”

April 18, 2010

Another unseasonable day, although sunny, there is a brisk chill. Yesterday it took three attempts at strolling b/c of the strong wind. Guess one might say the three times is a charm as it finally warmed up to a point where one could take a lengthy stroll near the bay. Picked up a free book on one’s return, called “The Lost Son” by Bernard B. Kerik, who was the 40th Police Commissioner of NYC. One started the book last night before retiring. One might add that Mr Kerik is now in prison. That being said he is a hero for overcoming obstacles in his life regardless of his present state. When children are born into gangs it is pulling at the heart strings, knowing that the children haven’t a choice in their brief life to change their plight. Furthermore when a child is struck down by gunfire, abuse by family relatives, or missing. There is something that triggers horrors in others in which they are compel to speak out. In Chicago in the past few days there have been a rash of gun violence which has been unpresented. This way of life is a horrendous path which others seems to choose. Never all the people on the southside and northwest side are at fault. They are law abiding persons who work and provide for their families, however b/c they live in those areas they are subjected to the occurrences. There are some who are aware of what is happening and is a party to it. There is a code of silence in the gang community. This is very unforgiving. At times there are stray bullets that hit children at unexpected times. These gangs terrorise cities that are allowed to exist. Why doesn’t this fall under federal laws? Forget about the other countries which are known for terrorism and concentrate on this country for a moment to eradicate this. Or do Americans put rose colored shades on and say it doesn’t correlate? Granted there are neighbourhood watches however this isn’t enough. There should be annual conferences in a designated city which will address this problem and come up with solutions. These well known cities are similiar to war zones. Why when events happened in Baghdad or Kabul it is addressed and events that are happening moreso in this country it is ignored as just another violent act? Why isn’t more emphasis put in place? Why doesn’t the Police Commissoner of the city involved go out on the street? This happens in NYC. And that city at least has a handle on it at some point and is making progress. Is the answer to have the National Guard in those cities that are affected to have a sense to ensure the safety of all individuals not involved in the chaos? Surely the Guardian Angels are there at a moments notice and continue to work tirelessly. One might add that guns and drugs come into play. Drugs aren’t a victimless crime including marijuana.


April 14, 2010

What a beautiful lovely spring day with gentle breeze and a slight chill in the air to make it comfortable enough to enjoy. What a sense of normalcy, as it tends to be in simplistic terms when it comes down to brass tax overshadows being counterproductive. Relatively speaking this city is more and more likely to be categorised as a small town. The local Greyhound bus station has finally closed. One has been here for five years and in that period of time one has availed oneself of that service. It was in a very poor section of town being in a deplorable condition in and of itself. Had beforehand voluntarily given dates to visit Indpls when speaking to one’s sister, Vivian. After that one had gone online to check tickets. Then one’s friend said it was gone. While taking a stroll one asked several people about it. They know little to zilch. Even asked neighbours and on one’s excusion to Borders and to the local grocery had make several inquiries about the same subject thinking that being it was a small town that the best way was word of mouth. Had once again came up with zilch. Viewed the local paper there was nothing and also nothing in the local tabloid. Had emailed a local reporter in Madison, he promptly emailed back with complaints from several others. There was an article online addressing the subject saying that the location had changed three separate times and that was the reason for their complaints. The said location had moved to an address that hadn’t a place to purchase tickets and apparently it was a transfer point. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to tourism. To say the least it a backwards. There isn’t a soul who may give an truthful answer and moreso doesn’t think of it in the way of importance. Other cities have the option of trains either Amtrak, subway or the monorail. Here it is different and the people are indifferent as well.


April 8, 2010

As the rain drizzles down slowly and with a sudden chill in the air that fortunately won’t last long gives one an appreciation of warmth and serenity. Much more than quite a few years ago when one was hither and yon with multiple worries distractions and such, some emotional with anger and sadness in order to combat and thus conquer this one would find the solace in scripting longhand the thoughts for those moments. One would accomplish this feat in another language so that others couldn’t read what one was scripting. Had taken another language in school so one was adept at it in the terms of translating it to a degree of understanding, however when it came to speaking it one’s pronounciation wasn’t up to par. One had always admired people who could speak another or better yet be multi-lingual or even bi-lingual. One did take 2 years of another language while in school and like it to a point of perusing it further on one’s own, which one did it reciprocally later. So in doing so one felt assured. So there one was with anger compiled with sadness, with pen and paper one would begin to script thoughts down. It was slow at first yet the more riled up one would get the faster one would script. Sometimes it would be a page long and then sometimes it would be pages longer still depending of the subject and situation. One would try not to be repetitive. Knowing that one would only script in the present, past, future. There were others means such as subjuctive and other tenses. One would only script in the 3 main tenses for one was unsure of the other 3 and so as this was a learning process one wasn’t going to make any errors. After one had completed this segment, one would read it and was really asounded that what was on the paper being that it wasn’t one’s native language. This was a calming effect for oneself as it was also a learning one too. One would buy a particular language dictionary and would find it to be useful in the teaching method. One calls this a second language to oneself b/c of the fondness and knowledge of it. Although one feels self conscious if one knows much more and can speak it at a rapid pace. This language has always been close to oneself though not entirely being self taught some of it has been recalled naturally and is therefore been indelible. Sometimes when it strikes my fancy, one will pick up a magazine or a newspaper and just for fun for translation. Le Monde or Elle come to mind. It would be good to find some children’s book of a well known story to translate. Without any pressure.

” Never Justified”

April 3, 2010

As the cold winds blow on this Holy Saturday, it is again a cloudy,brisk,cold with thunderstorms predicted for most of next week. Afterall this is April which brings showers with May flowers on the horison.In the case of cause and effect, this is never justified. This topic concerns the tag denoted. There has been a rash of these. Moreso the occurence has always been there and secretly hidden not spoken by the populace, yet now the awareness of it is better so that people can prevent or do something about it. The reasonings are, if a girl has been raped, or gang raped. It may happen in prisons. The inflex of  victims of pedophiles who are members of their own family this act may likely occur. The pedophile priests who have continued to raise betrayal of youngers, this may happen to the priest themselves, or to their victims with no way out. There have been countless cases of Vietnam, Korean, World War 1,or World War 2, Iraq, or Aghanistan war veterans who have come home with post dramatic syndrome and had nightly nightmares with other symptoms. There have been cases of mental illnesses that have resulted in this act. The young pre-teen or teenager that has been bullied by school mates with nasty hurtful remarks. An abusive mother who has become a victim as the circle continuously turns and is incapable of breaking that cycle. Two particular states have legalised this. Courage is absent from this equation.

“A Mere Reality”

April 2, 2010

The beautiful Spring days are finally here at last. Living here it surely has taken its sweet time in coming. This is the first time one has scripted blogged at night. Maybe it’s the first day of the month as well as the warm weather. A mere reality is a wake call when it is referring to this tag. A few years ago there was a movie called” Traffic”. It dealt with the drug cartel. It is well performed with talented actors and was very to the point given the entertainment value. In fact it won several awards for its authenticity and rightfully so. It has gotten far worse now and will take time to get better. There is methedone hidden in tires of cars. The heroin is widespread near San Diego and found in San Francisco in great abundance as the news reports state. Marijuana is also widely found in each section of the U.S. with some states given the notion of having it in medical terms so it may be taxed and implemented in that particular state. There has been kidnappings in Baja, California. The entire southern states from California to Florida are all at risk from the drug cartel. There have been beheadings too. The U.S. students who want to enjoy their well deserved spring breaks aren’t able to do that with warnings from the State Department to go elsewhere to enjoy their holidays. This has now infringed on college students regardless of the schools attended. This is completely wrong. Some suggestions come to mind. To boycott Corona and drink only domestic beers if so inclined. Another thought is to boycott all Mexican restaurants and eat at only domestic establishments. The situation is getting worse day by day. Will immigration play into it in some way in the near future? Only time will tell. Does one recall the phrase buy American? Should the same apply in this case? May so. Just know something has to be done immediately in a positive vane. Before it gets completely out of control.