“A Mere Reality”

The beautiful Spring days are finally here at last. Living here it surely has taken its sweet time in coming. This is the first time one has scripted blogged at night. Maybe it’s the first day of the month as well as the warm weather. A mere reality is a wake call when it is referring to this tag. A few years ago there was a movie called” Traffic”. It dealt with the drug cartel. It is well performed with talented actors and was very to the point given the entertainment value. In fact it won several awards for its authenticity and rightfully so. It has gotten far worse now and will take time to get better. There is methedone hidden in tires of cars. The heroin is widespread near San Diego and found in San Francisco in great abundance as the news reports state. Marijuana is also widely found in each section of the U.S. with some states given the notion of having it in medical terms so it may be taxed and implemented in that particular state. There has been kidnappings in Baja, California. The entire southern states from California to Florida are all at risk from the drug cartel. There have been beheadings too. The U.S. students who want to enjoy their well deserved spring breaks aren’t able to do that with warnings from the State Department to go elsewhere to enjoy their holidays. This has now infringed on college students regardless of the schools attended. This is completely wrong. Some suggestions come to mind. To boycott Corona and drink only domestic beers if so inclined. Another thought is to boycott all Mexican restaurants and eat at only domestic establishments. The situation is getting worse day by day. Will immigration play into it in some way in the near future? Only time will tell. Does one recall the phrase buy American? Should the same apply in this case? May so. Just know something has to be done immediately in a positive vane. Before it gets completely out of control.


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