” Never Justified”

As the cold winds blow on this Holy Saturday, it is again a cloudy,brisk,cold with thunderstorms predicted for most of next week. Afterall this is April which brings showers with May flowers on the horison.In the case of cause and effect, this is never justified. This topic concerns the tag denoted. There has been a rash of these. Moreso the occurence has always been there and secretly hidden not spoken by the populace, yet now the awareness of it is better so that people can prevent or do something about it. The reasonings are, if a girl has been raped, or gang raped. It may happen in prisons. The inflex of  victims of pedophiles who are members of their own family this act may likely occur. The pedophile priests who have continued to raise betrayal of youngers, this may happen to the priest themselves, or to their victims with no way out. There have been countless cases of Vietnam, Korean, World War 1,or World War 2, Iraq, or Aghanistan war veterans who have come home with post dramatic syndrome and had nightly nightmares with other symptoms. There have been cases of mental illnesses that have resulted in this act. The young pre-teen or teenager that has been bullied by school mates with nasty hurtful remarks. An abusive mother who has become a victim as the circle continuously turns and is incapable of breaking that cycle. Two particular states have legalised this. Courage is absent from this equation.


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