As the rain drizzles down slowly and with a sudden chill in the air that fortunately won’t last long gives one an appreciation of warmth and serenity. Much more than quite a few years ago when one was hither and yon with multiple worries distractions and such, some emotional with anger and sadness in order to combat and thus conquer this one would find the solace in scripting longhand the thoughts for those moments. One would accomplish this feat in another language so that others couldn’t read what one was scripting. Had taken another language in school so one was adept at it in the terms of translating it to a degree of understanding, however when it came to speaking it one’s pronounciation wasn’t up to par. One had always admired people who could speak another or better yet be multi-lingual or even bi-lingual. One did take 2 years of another language while in school and like it to a point of perusing it further on one’s own, which one did it reciprocally later. So in doing so one felt assured. So there one was with anger compiled with sadness, with pen and paper one would begin to script thoughts down. It was slow at first yet the more riled up one would get the faster one would script. Sometimes it would be a page long and then sometimes it would be pages longer still depending of the subject and situation. One would try not to be repetitive. Knowing that one would only script in the present, past, future. There were others means such as subjuctive and other tenses. One would only script in the 3 main tenses for one was unsure of the other 3 and so as this was a learning process one wasn’t going to make any errors. After one had completed this segment, one would read it and was really asounded that what was on the paper being that it wasn’t one’s native language. This was a calming effect for oneself as it was also a learning one too. One would buy a particular language dictionary and would find it to be useful in the teaching method. One calls this a second language to oneself b/c of the fondness and knowledge of it. Although one feels self conscious if one knows much more and can speak it at a rapid pace. This language has always been close to oneself though not entirely being self taught some of it has been recalled naturally and is therefore been indelible. Sometimes when it strikes my fancy, one will pick up a magazine or a newspaper and just for fun for translation. Le Monde or Elle come to mind. It would be good to find some children’s book of a well known story to translate. Without any pressure.


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