What a beautiful lovely spring day with gentle breeze and a slight chill in the air to make it comfortable enough to enjoy. What a sense of normalcy, as it tends to be in simplistic terms when it comes down to brass tax overshadows being counterproductive. Relatively speaking this city is more and more likely to be categorised as a small town. The local Greyhound bus station has finally closed. One has been here for five years and in that period of time one has availed oneself of that service. It was in a very poor section of town being in a deplorable condition in and of itself. Had beforehand voluntarily given dates to visit Indpls when speaking to one’s sister, Vivian. After that one had gone online to check tickets. Then one’s friend said it was gone. While taking a stroll one asked several people about it. They know little to zilch. Even asked neighbours and on one’s excusion to Borders and to the local grocery had make several inquiries about the same subject thinking that being it was a small town that the best way was word of mouth. Had once again came up with zilch. Viewed the local paper there was nothing and also nothing in the local tabloid. Had emailed a local reporter in Madison, he promptly emailed back with complaints from several others. There was an article online addressing the subject saying that the location had changed three separate times and that was the reason for their complaints. The said location had moved to an address that hadn’t a place to purchase tickets and apparently it was a transfer point. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to tourism. To say the least it a backwards. There isn’t a soul who may give an truthful answer and moreso doesn’t think of it in the way of importance. Other cities have the option of trains either Amtrak, subway or the monorail. Here it is different and the people are indifferent as well.


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