“Pulling At The Heart Strings”

Another unseasonable day, although sunny, there is a brisk chill. Yesterday it took three attempts at strolling b/c of the strong wind. Guess one might say the three times is a charm as it finally warmed up to a point where one could take a lengthy stroll near the bay. Picked up a free book on one’s return, called “The Lost Son” by Bernard B. Kerik, who was the 40th Police Commissioner of NYC. One started the book last night before retiring. One might add that Mr Kerik is now in prison. That being said he is a hero for overcoming obstacles in his life regardless of his present state. When children are born into gangs it is pulling at the heart strings, knowing that the children haven’t a choice in their brief life to change their plight. Furthermore when a child is struck down by gunfire, abuse by family relatives, or missing. There is something that triggers horrors in others in which they are compel to speak out. In Chicago in the past few days there have been a rash of gun violence which has been unpresented. This way of life is a horrendous path which others seems to choose. Never all the people on the southside and northwest side are at fault. They are law abiding persons who work and provide for their families, however b/c they live in those areas they are subjected to the occurrences. There are some who are aware of what is happening and is a party to it. There is a code of silence in the gang community. This is very unforgiving. At times there are stray bullets that hit children at unexpected times. These gangs terrorise cities that are allowed to exist. Why doesn’t this fall under federal laws? Forget about the other countries which are known for terrorism and concentrate on this country for a moment to eradicate this. Or do Americans put rose colored shades on and say it doesn’t correlate? Granted there are neighbourhood watches however this isn’t enough. There should be annual conferences in a designated city which will address this problem and come up with solutions. These well known cities are similiar to war zones. Why when events happened in Baghdad or Kabul it is addressed and events that are happening moreso in this country it is ignored as just another violent act? Why isn’t more emphasis put in place? Why doesn’t the Police Commissoner of the city involved go out on the street? This happens in NYC. And that city at least has a handle on it at some point and is making progress. Is the answer to have the National Guard in those cities that are affected to have a sense to ensure the safety of all individuals not involved in the chaos? Surely the Guardian Angels are there at a moments notice and continue to work tirelessly. One might add that guns and drugs come into play. Drugs aren’t a victimless crime including marijuana.


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