“Trying,Striving And Succeeding”

The sun is finally shining as this past weekend was cold and raining. For a few hours on Friday morning, one was under the weather however bounced back and took a stroll along the bay as it was warmer. This month seems  weatherwise it has been up and down. Trying each day is difficult. Striving to make life better. Succeeding is a goal. When one sees items that for now are unattainable because of unaffordability, one gets disheartened. When one has a passport and is longing to use it, and has had it for five years one get impatient. When one wants to go shopping for new clothes and isn’t able to do that for now. One finds that it is a luxury. When food is a necessity and it is consumed daily once or twice a day in order for it to last a certain amount of time, one is thinking in the vane of health. When one goes to the grocery store and won’t buy items out of just desire rather than just needing it, because lack of expense. Human nature gets in the way. Restricting oneself to a point is good. One would never want to be anyone else in order to have just material items. When one wants to travel, one has to earmark the amount allocated, the same goes for the dentist, and the eye doctor. Which are extremely important to one’s overall health. One has to conclude where there’s life there’s hope.


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