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“Self Worth”

May 30, 2010

Again a warm splendid day with a light breeze enough to hide the humidity which is fine. Finished one’s book yesterday. Will start on another one later. Viewed again” Death in Venice” on dvd last night. Never tire of it. Excellent! Not all of us have self worth yet all of us should. It is a trait that comes from childhood. Even the lowest part of society the scum of the earth should be included. If people have this then these people wouldn’t commit acts as atrocious or maybe not as nearly so. Even criminals shouldn’t be excluded. Parents, teachers play a part in having this trait. Example being, if a child has a sense of hostility, the adult has huge role in it. If the adult doesn’t give the child any expectations therefore the child can’t feel a sense that he/she are worth anything. The adult should start small to build according to age and so forth. If one doesn’t expect anything then they will receive nothing in return. Some parent teachers have high expectations depending on the child involved. I have always had high expections for my two sons and they in turn have delivered ten times over. If self worth is proposed a cycle of negativity will be broken. Of course this isn’t always the case, however less so. This may work for anyone. Another thought is that one has put tag names at the end of several previous blogs recently and when one has finally viewed them in completion it’s not there for some unknown reason. So one will start tagging these blogs momentarily to combat this. One hopes it will result in success. Tag name: rectitude.


May 29, 2010

As one continues to walk daily,there were a flock of long winged birds flying in exact precision in the sky. Saw this sight at two separate occasions. Another time while sitting outside in the park reading a book Queens Noir by Robert Knightly. It is with fastination being as it is a fiction mystery. It is a collections of writers. As one is keeping up with the lastest news: the oil tanker which killed a number of individuals which resulted in the oil spill in the Gulf: the National Guard Troops that will keep a close watch on the southern border of the U.S Mexico which originated in Arizona. And of course other major and minor events which are always in one’s midst. As birthdays are celebrated as well as the nations birthday that is coming next month, this Memorial Day weekend which one commemorates, noted sadly that there are now a thousand deaths in Afghanistan. Time marches on and rightfully so. Inwardly one thinks of dreams such as noted in a personal vane. One is striving to see Andre before the end of this year. Saw a ticket online for $310 round trip. That is in October. Then before that want to go to Indpls to visit my sister Vivian and other members of the family. Have already contacted my neice Dara to see if she may get a ticket for me then I will repay her. Things aren’t easy, and if they were they wouldn’t be worth it to me. Often another dream one contemplates is living again in New York or Maryland. Those places were so good and memorable in one’s opinion. Although one realises that places do change and sometimes are unrecognisable as one recalls. Although that is the mystery of it, a sense of adventure. Then again one thinks of what life would be like if one lived in Canada. Of course not to stay, yet just enough time to taste the better part as one has done in states like Ala. and Wi. Always one’s habit policy is when one is ready to move one likes to move far away than nearer. Must keep promises to oneself.

“A Combination”

May 17, 2010

Finally there are favourable, warmer more seasonable days from this past weekend and the days ahead. The sun shining brightly, what a pleasant change. This is a combination of Mother’s Day and one’s Birthday. Got a bouquet of Roses in a beautiful rose colored glass vase from Ian and two indepth conversational phone calls from Andre. How magnificant was that! Treated oneself to gifts. Movies, music and books too, along with ordering a Papa John’s Pizza one favourite. Had part of it on Friday and the rest on Saturday. While at Barnes and Noble came across a piece of music the Doo-Wop Collection which one might say was surprising to find. Then one ordered several books from there. Those will be forthcoming. Then pre-ordered Sabastian Junger book “War” and that is now sitting on one’s bookcase. Speaking of the type of music purchased, doo-wop, it is made up of blues, jazz, and one might say that rock and roll music came from that particular music. When one listens closely one may hear the famous band Chicago which is jazz and rock together. Then received many birthday wishes via facebook and more of the same over the phone. One’s birthday was incredible and it is continuing in the way of gifts and moreso with the compliments of friends and family. Also as an afterthought was trying to find the book “Harold Be Thy Name by Malachy McCourt and the movies ” The McCourts of Limerick” and The McCourts of New York. Today while on the Borders website found all three of them. The movies are on VHS which is fine b/c one has a player that will be for both. Wanted one’s special day to continue and it is as one will order those at the next opportunity. How joyous is that.

“So Near Yet So Far”

May 12, 2010

Another cold and rainy day is upon the horison as sprinkles of water gently falls on the earth. It really feels more like March or April than nearly the middle of May. However this weekend seems to be more conducive in normality. Thought it would be better to blog now instead of taking a stroll. One feels so near yet so far when it comes to the subject of family. While being close to them in an emotional way which is mutual, the distance in travel time comes into play. One has to keep in mind that all people regardless of who they are has to have their own space and that goes for myself as well. One also has to keep in mind that just because they are family or close friends, one has to be invited and never just barge in without notice. Or just take people for granted. Air tickets are very extravagant and if the plan to merge the two major airlines take effect namely Continental and United the price will be exorbitant. One will have to really plan far in advance to obtain a decent fare. A couple of weeks ago, one was online to view tickets to Seattle and again was thinking months in advance and came across a ticket for little over $300. It was a little under $300 if one wanted to take advantage of a little known airline namely Alaska and some other non-descript airline. So if people wanted to run their chances and gamble on price verses safety. Would define safety as a priority and pay the slight difference. It is better to feel comfortable in one’s company than not and feel obligated to them. Better feelings are had by all if one really wants to be in their company rather than having to and dreading the thought of it. One is confident that one will eventually travel when the time is right.

” Adoptions”

May 2, 2010

This morning seems to have a slight chill in the air, however it is sunny and the temperature is relatively warm. Have the windows open to provide some breeze in the room. There has been in the past month a series of articles on international adoptions namely in Russia. Furthermore there was a young boy put back on a plane and flown to his native country. How dreadful! To treat another human with such callous disregard as if this was a piece of human cargo. It is truly shameful that in order for adoptions to take place that the almightly dollar sign stands in the way of the adult who wants to adopt. Why is that? Why is the criteria always about the monetary factor. Why if someone wants to adopt the agencies puts them through the third degree? That shouldn’t be such a priority. There are many orphanages that children simply live their entire life within these walls. They may at some point go to bed crying and arise the morning after feeling a sense of dread of uncertain events that would come their way. What a horrible outcome. Perhaps they would be looked upon as someone who doesn’t fit in with the mainstream of others and perhaps they are ostracised by their classmates, especially when they are out on field trips and come in contact with children from other schools in their neighbourhood and nearby towns, cities. There are many children in orphanages in this country. Perhaps these children are taken to state agencies for their own safety as diversied by the courts. The law should change to have single people who will provide the upbringing, care and welfare of these youngers. Granted there should be a background check, and ask the proper questions in a sign affidavit. To ask any questions in the legal sense, to make positively sure that this person is an upstanding citizen. However with that being said the agencies shouldn’t make it more difficult. Along the same vane, why is it necessary to have money passed from attorney to attorney? That shouldn’t come into play when dealing with a human life. If for some reason a married couple can’t have children then why don’t they think of adoptions? Or if a married couple have already run the gambit with having children, then why don’t they they adopt another child, or if the children are siblings then they may think of adopting two or three so these children won’t be separated.

” Convoluted”

May 1, 2010

The warmth of the day is simply impressive being that it is now a new month. It will be filled with birthdays, one being mine, with numerous celebrations, filled with travel plans and enjoying the pleasant weather which seemed to take its time in coming. With that being said, one’s thoughts are convoluted in the fact of all that one desires to accomplish as one is constantly looking to the future rather than looking on a day today basis. One’s acumen provides a calmness with organisation. One wants to have synchronization so that the item won’t be repetitive. Have a list of items that aren’t pressing momentarily yet eventually needs attention. Namely the overhead lights need replacing and along with that the other ficture which now has only wires seems to be an electrical problem. Now one has a lamp which provides usage for reading etc. for the time being. Then there is a cable which needs to be replaced. It goes from the modem to the phone and connected there. One can’t take the wire out and go to a store and purchase another one b/c it will mess up the computer. However many have suggested this. Desire to give away one’s sofa and loveseat and have a bed instead. That will involve disconnecting one’s computer moving the table if one wants to keep that or get some shelves instead or some inexpensive tables. Then there are ones books which are essential, ones movies on dvd, ones music too. Then there is the question of traveling, want to go to see one’s son in Seattle at some near future date. Then there is also going to Washington, D.C. to see my cousin again in Maryland. Of course there are books, dvd’s upcoming too. All of this with keeping a roof over one’s head. Then of course at some future date one wants to move back to the East Coast, either to New York City or to Maryland. That naturally depends on where one’s son Andre wants to go. He has been in Seattle for a number of years. So time will tell.