” Convoluted”

The warmth of the day is simply impressive being that it is now a new month. It will be filled with birthdays, one being mine, with numerous celebrations, filled with travel plans and enjoying the pleasant weather which seemed to take its time in coming. With that being said, one’s thoughts are convoluted in the fact of all that one desires to accomplish as one is constantly looking to the future rather than looking on a day today basis. One’s acumen provides a calmness with organisation. One wants to have synchronization so that the item won’t be repetitive. Have a list of items that aren’t pressing momentarily yet eventually needs attention. Namely the overhead lights need replacing and along with that the other ficture which now has only wires seems to be an electrical problem. Now one has a lamp which provides usage for reading etc. for the time being. Then there is a cable which needs to be replaced. It goes from the modem to the phone and connected there. One can’t take the wire out and go to a store and purchase another one b/c it will mess up the computer. However many have suggested this. Desire to give away one’s sofa and loveseat and have a bed instead. That will involve disconnecting one’s computer moving the table if one wants to keep that or get some shelves instead or some inexpensive tables. Then there are ones books which are essential, ones movies on dvd, ones music too. Then there is the question of traveling, want to go to see one’s son in Seattle at some near future date. Then there is also going to Washington, D.C. to see my cousin again in Maryland. Of course there are books, dvd’s upcoming too. All of this with keeping a roof over one’s head. Then of course at some future date one wants to move back to the East Coast, either to New York City or to Maryland. That naturally depends on where one’s son Andre wants to go. He has been in Seattle for a number of years. So time will tell.


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