As one continues to walk daily,there were a flock of long winged birds flying in exact precision in the sky. Saw this sight at two separate occasions. Another time while sitting outside in the park reading a book Queens Noir by Robert Knightly. It is with fastination being as it is a fiction mystery. It is a collections of writers. As one is keeping up with the lastest news: the oil tanker which killed a number of individuals which resulted in the oil spill in the Gulf: the National Guard Troops that will keep a close watch on the southern border of the U.S Mexico which originated in Arizona. And of course other major and minor events which are always in one’s midst. As birthdays are celebrated as well as the nations birthday that is coming next month, this Memorial Day weekend which one commemorates, noted sadly that there are now a thousand deaths in Afghanistan. Time marches on and rightfully so. Inwardly one thinks of dreams such as noted in a personal vane. One is striving to see Andre before the end of this year. Saw a ticket online for $310 round trip. That is in October. Then before that want to go to Indpls to visit my sister Vivian and other members of the family. Have already contacted my neice Dara to see if she may get a ticket for me then I will repay her. Things aren’t easy, and if they were they wouldn’t be worth it to me. Often another dream one contemplates is living again in New York or Maryland. Those places were so good and memorable in one’s opinion. Although one realises that places do change and sometimes are unrecognisable as one recalls. Although that is the mystery of it, a sense of adventure. Then again one thinks of what life would be like if one lived in Canada. Of course not to stay, yet just enough time to taste the better part as one has done in states like Ala. and Wi. Always one’s habit policy is when one is ready to move one likes to move far away than nearer. Must keep promises to oneself.

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