“Self Worth”

Again a warm splendid day with a light breeze enough to hide the humidity which is fine. Finished one’s book yesterday. Will start on another one later. Viewed again” Death in Venice” on dvd last night. Never tire of it. Excellent! Not all of us have self worth yet all of us should. It is a trait that comes from childhood. Even the lowest part of society the scum of the earth should be included. If people have this then these people wouldn’t commit acts as atrocious or maybe not as nearly so. Even criminals shouldn’t be excluded. Parents, teachers play a part in having this trait. Example being, if a child has a sense of hostility, the adult has huge role in it. If the adult doesn’t give the child any expectations therefore the child can’t feel a sense that he/she are worth anything. The adult should start small to build according to age and so forth. If one doesn’t expect anything then they will receive nothing in return. Some parent teachers have high expectations depending on the child involved. I have always had high expections for my two sons and they in turn have delivered ten times over. If self worth is proposed a cycle of negativity will be broken. Of course this isn’t always the case, however less so. This may work for anyone. Another thought is that one has put tag names at the end of several previous blogs recently and when one has finally viewed them in completion it’s not there for some unknown reason. So one will start tagging these blogs momentarily to combat this. One hopes it will result in success. Tag name: rectitude.

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