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“Summer Breezes”

June 30, 2010

As one was strolling one viewed a jet ski pulled by a motorboat with huge waves galore streaming along side. There was also a couple of wild brown rabbits with their dark wide eyes prancing along the sidewalk ready and eager to go to the other side which green grass was abound. One finally got an email from my neice Dara. One is flying to Indpls on the 8th of July and will return on the 13th of July. Am really looking forward to the visit. Will be staying with my sister Vivian and will be visiting Dara and Steve, her father. Summer breezes are underway. Will have a connection in Mke. Looked on google to see if it was a regional or international. It appears to be regional. Then on one’s return will be having a connection in Cle. And again went on google to see if that airport was reg. or int. and again it was regional. Only the Indpls. airport is international. So all in all it will be an adventure being that it will be one’s first time referring to the connection flights. One knows it will be a piece of cake. Earlier today went to a strip mall which had only a few stores there, and mainly looking for underwear and a purse. However wasn’t fortunate in obtaining both. So tomorrow will go to a discount place and hope to find both at reasonable prices. Last Friday went to the East Towne Mall and it was fantastic. It was large and one could view things at one’s hearts content. Had the great time. While there ordered 5 books which have already been shipped and will be here shortly. The books are” Harold Be Thy Name” by Malachy McCourt:” Dead Man Running” by Martin McGartland:”Irish Spies During The Troubles” by Martin McGartland: ” Through Irish Eyes” by Malachy McCourt:Voices of Ireland again by him. One had purchase these at discount prices. Great bargains. Some of the books are intense and one will be alright with that as one will listen to good music after one reads them. While in Indpls., one will obtain an air ticket to go to Seattle in October to see my son Andre.

“Quiet Contemplation”

June 14, 2010

With a very rainy weekend happily for the record books, one was in quiet contemplation. Just basically in deep thought after reading an intense book. Really needed the respite. Have more intense books yet to read “War” by Sebastian Junger, which I will start tomorrow while visiting Borders. Another ” Bodies of Winter” by Robert Knightly and yet a third being ” 50 Dead Men Walking” by Martin Mc Gartland. Saw the movie which was very well performed on dvd last night. One was occupied with mundane items to accomplish such as laundry, taking a shower which was achieved thanks to another taping reparing the broken shower head, then having one’s friend cut my hair so I can still style it and it now looks presentable. Through the weekend one listened to music from cassettes. Went through a meriad of them playing one after another and checking the quality of them whether one wanted to discard or not. Came to the conclusion that one had purchased some for the reason of the favourability of one or two songs. Yet maybe that wasn’t the case at all, merely knowing one’s taste in music has changed. Had these cassettes for over ten years. It is ironic that one still will always like certain types and music talents and regardless of how many years that pass. Intend to give other items away too. So others may enjoy them. Whatever isn’t given is lost.

“In The Sixth”

June 12, 2010

As it feels like summer yet not chronologically so, one is viewing speedboats on the bay, with various types of boats geered up and ready to take off in neighbours driveways, sometimes attached to piers. On Wednesday the Stanley Cup was held and raised in salute by the Chicago Blackhawks. This well deserved team fought with determination against various hockey teams in order to obtain the victory. It took physical and mental endurance. It is amazing knowing that this team hadn’t won the Cup since 1961, so for that matter it was doubly sweet. The Blackhawks are a young team with unbelievable savoir faire. They fought hard despite injury. One player had a back injury. Another player had caught the puck in his month and lost seven teeth and just came off the ice for seven minutes and went back on to continue the rest of the game and wound up with scoring a goal or two for his efforts. When clearing the ice with the zamboni inbetween the periods or after the finishing  the game, the official found a tooth or two enbedded in the ice belonging to this player. Hockey players are a different breed than other sports athletes. For those who are unfamillar with this sport, the Stanley Cup playoffs are normally played in seven games, and the Chicago Blackhawks won it in the sixth. Whats more asounding is that they played the game in Philli.

“Call A Spade A Spade”

June 8, 2010

With the continuous rain and unseasonable temps will forgo one’s daily stroll for obvious reasons. However intend to go to Borders as usual. The other day one viewed a tiny baby bird fluttering and hopping along the pavement. And then just flew off. It was like that and so small, no bigger than a minute. Things, places change however people don’t. They are who they are. They are what they are. It is what it is. Earlier thought otherwise, however thats not the case as much as one wants to change people one has to come to the grim reality that its not going to happen. Just think of the Serenity Prayer and that will aid in the realisation. In the sense of cold cases, one way or another the culprits slip up and evenually get caught for their dasdardly actions. It may take a while and for those who are the families, it must take a lifetime in waiting. Have been reading some very intense intrinsically interesting books. They surely spark one’s interest. Am reading now, Chaplin And Agee” The Untold Story. Will be reading a few more along that gendre. Its not how a person looks, it’s how a person acts. Don’t judge a book by its couver. One really prefers people from the East Coast. They seem not to beat around the bush, giving half answers to questions. Is it indigenous to the Midwest? One prefers others to be straightforward.

“Proof Is In The Pudding”

June 5, 2010

What a warm fabulous day this is, just right to enjoy another’s company with a picnic lunch and an occasional chat. While at the supermarket the other day want to change one’s eating habits being that it is summer. Wanted to prove a point. And the proof is in the pudding. Got a 6 pack of MGD one’s favourite when it comes to domestic beer. Thought of getting some snacks too and got a family bag of Fritos. When it comes to alcohol one’s intellect is the key. Am drinking one or two at various times in the course of the day. Feeling good about this experiment, that it is working for me. One doesn’t dispute that alcoholism is a disease, that it runs in families, however the mistake that people make is going along with the crowd or for that matter anyone else who has some regardless of what brand it is just as long as it is something at that moment. Another mistake that people make is to fabricate excuses such as a having a headache in order to have another one. Again the intellect should judge a person’s actions. Therefore that person is in control of themselves. And just think of the taxes that the state makes. And how much people can save if they don’t purchase it on a regular basis.