“Proof Is In The Pudding”

What a warm fabulous day this is, just right to enjoy another’s company with a picnic lunch and an occasional chat. While at the supermarket the other day want to change one’s eating habits being that it is summer. Wanted to prove a point. And the proof is in the pudding. Got a 6 pack of MGD one’s favourite when it comes to domestic beer. Thought of getting some snacks too and got a family bag of Fritos. When it comes to alcohol one’s intellect is the key. Am drinking one or two at various times in the course of the day. Feeling good about this experiment, that it is working for me. One doesn’t dispute that alcoholism is a disease, that it runs in families, however the mistake that people make is going along with the crowd or for that matter anyone else who has some regardless of what brand it is just as long as it is something at that moment. Another mistake that people make is to fabricate excuses such as a having a headache in order to have another one. Again the intellect should judge a person’s actions. Therefore that person is in control of themselves. And just think of the taxes that the state makes. And how much people can save if they don’t purchase it on a regular basis.

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