“Call A Spade A Spade”

With the continuous rain and unseasonable temps will forgo one’s daily stroll for obvious reasons. However intend to go to Borders as usual. The other day one viewed a tiny baby bird fluttering and hopping along the pavement. And then just flew off. It was like that and so small, no bigger than a minute. Things, places change however people don’t. They are who they are. They are what they are. It is what it is. Earlier thought otherwise, however thats not the case as much as one wants to change people one has to come to the grim reality that its not going to happen. Just think of the Serenity Prayer and that will aid in the realisation. In the sense of cold cases, one way or another the culprits slip up and evenually get caught for their dasdardly actions. It may take a while and for those who are the families, it must take a lifetime in waiting. Have been reading some very intense intrinsically interesting books. They surely spark one’s interest. Am reading now, Chaplin And Agee” The Untold Story. Will be reading a few more along that gendre. Its not how a person looks, it’s how a person acts. Don’t judge a book by its couver. One really prefers people from the East Coast. They seem not to beat around the bush, giving half answers to questions. Is it indigenous to the Midwest? One prefers others to be straightforward.

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