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“A Race Against Time”

July 31, 2010

After a summer rain overnight it’s again a warm day with the stillness of air. There are seagulls flying with their wings spread open as they soar over the bay waters. There are several joggers, bikers and people walking their dogs in the morning mist. Also several people preparing to gather refuse from the lawn as they clean the particles that are left near the bay. All of this happens as one has a race against time. This phrase is known to be told at different intervals in life. One may somehow be waiting for a relative as that person undergoes an operation. One again may view a fire from a house as the paramedics are on their way to a particular address. There are numerous reasons as this phrase would pertain in a situation. Although without revealing this particular situation, it has reoccurred many more times as one has been in the middle of it and will hope it will rectify itself, and happen less often if not be the very last time. Knowing that when it happens, it is necessary to do something immediately.

“Changing The Law”

July 29, 2010

As the feel of the day is well underway one is cognisant of the heat abound and one is still inside so perhaps it will be better when one desides to go for a strool later or again it could be a fooler.  The answer is changing the law in reference to the violence of the gangs which have been invading the safety of city streets in America. These gangs aren’t just in the major cities. They are moreso in the smaller cities and for that matter in the towns in which they can be incognito from the law enforcements. The law should be stricker: it is too lenient at this point in time. There is a law on the books now in some states saying” three strikes and you’re out”. I believe this pertains in the state of New York” However does it pertain to the gangs? The gangs culture have a far different mind frame. It is on the same par as barbaric, hideous, animalistic. One would surmise that a good start is to rid the judicial system of judges who are politically appointees and replace them with judges who are of merit. Reason being, is that some gang members only receive probation for their crimes. Now that is a wrong senario. Or sometimes it is dropped to a misdemeanor. That again is a miscarriage of justice. So why are these judges handing down such sentences. As for the lawyers there should be a replacements of these too: the same as the judges. Do these gangs members have judges and lawyers like the Cosa Nostra did? Each time the mob was charged with a crime they would get their own people to get them off. Could an origanisation take the responsibility to get the ball rolling? Maybe a referendum on the ballot is the answer. Or a petition signed by members of the neighbourhoods would be the answer. Our beautiful cities, Chicago, Pittsbourg, Philli, Baltimore, NYC. Each and every city is plagued with this menace and it just gets worse day in day out, without a solution is place and worse yet people not addressing and ignoring it, as if it will vanish and it won’t. These gangs are reprehensible.


July 28, 2010

The air is dry with a trend of rain on the horison. On days like these it would be grand to sink one’s teeth into a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Years ago there weren’t differentials. Or maybe there was, yet no one paid any mind to it. One’s tastes buds can certainly tell the difference between mayonaisse and salad dressing. Know between margarine and butter: salted or not. Certainly can know the difference between hot dogs made of pork and chicken as opposed to turkey. Of course the turkey hot dogs taste a world apart from the pork and/or chicken hot dogs regardless of their preparation. There in the fact that bacon is now composed of turkey it is known to have a much better taste as pork is very distastefully to one’s month as it leaves and gives off a scent that isn’t pleasant.  Have just finished the book “Irish Spies During The Troubles” by Martin McGartland. Very good, highly recommended. Now one has started another book” Dead Man Running” again by Martin McGartland. Very spectacular, spellbinding, leaves the reader knowing what will happen next. What a talented writer. Have several other books to delve into eventually. Trying one’s best to think positive with such constant negativity abound.

“Missed The Boat”

July 20, 2010

Still the summer is continuing while the temps are down fortunately it is somewhat less humid and what a difference it makes in ten degrees cooler in the way of comfortability. As the progress of technology continues to unfold with less and less types of music available in the stores and more and more are free to download on the net. One finds it unjustly b/c of the question of piracy even knowing that the music is free anyway. Feel that someone has to pay for it and that is one reason that the prices are rising. The same goes for the stories on the net centralising on the celebs. There is so much more that could be of worthwhile interest in reporting instead of concentrating on nonsensical rubbish. There are some networks which only make these stories a prime issue. Granted the journals have gone due in sales or in some cases are non-existant b/c of the net. However how many people now choose a book to read for entertainment, info., or knowledge? Not many. There are many movies to choose from likewise for a person’s interest. There are a meriad of news stories that aren’t reported b/c of the time factor and the ratings to a network.They have surely missed the boat. How said this is! As Peter Jennings has said many times to his news colleagues” This is world news tonight. Let’s stress on that.” Surely the reporters have forgotten that statement. Perhaps someone should remind them.

“Cop A Plea”

July 19, 2010

It is summertime understandably however with the sultry air it is most uncomfortable to put it mildly. It is hard to sleep however one feels good in the morning so one must be getting enough of it as one sleeps so soundly. Surprisingly this is only ones second blog this month. One has been occupied reading. Just finished “Harold Be Thy Name”. It was most inspiring. Ones mind has been filled with trying to obtain a ticket to Seattle to see Andre before the end of the year. That is ones aim. Oh finished “Through Irish Eyes” very recommended. To cop a plea is allright in some instances, however it is done to many times and unnecessarily. Needless to say to apprehend someone else who is involved in a crime at a higher level makes logical sense. In most cases it is done with people of notoriety which is simply unfair. One will see this repeatedly in the news, as they have a special privilege and more or less the law doesn’t apply to them because of their status in life. This is grossly unjust. This is probably done more often because the judges are appointed to a certain amount of time and of course it is politically rather than on merit. What would happen if that would be out of existance? Would it be recommended or voted on by the individual states or would it be done federally in some shape or form? Something to ponder.

“Restful Reflections”

July 16, 2010

As the summertime continues with warm days of sunshine blazing down on the earth’s surface there was time for restful reflections. While in the midst of waiting for a cab to go to the airport, there was a swarm of mosquitoes after a night’s rain and they was most irritating as they were flying around the corners of one’s eyes. When one had gotten to Indpls., ones corners of the eyes were slightly puffy as one was rubbing them which was a mistake. However after a day there one’s eyes were fine and healed in due course. Had a pleasant time there. Stayed with my sister,Vivian and generally did some fun things. Went thrifting, went to several places and went swimming. Saw one’s neice D. and her children, saw her father Steve too. The connections going were Milwaukee, which was a very nice. One was impressed. Returning one had a connection in Cleveland. This airport was not conducive to ones tastes. Was unimpressed to say the least. While there my sisters had given me some items so had them shipped in order not to carry them. The postage was quite high, however didn’t have a choice. Just made the best of it.