“Restful Reflections”

As the summertime continues with warm days of sunshine blazing down on the earth’s surface there was time for restful reflections. While in the midst of waiting for a cab to go to the airport, there was a swarm of mosquitoes after a night’s rain and they was most irritating as they were flying around the corners of one’s eyes. When one had gotten to Indpls., ones corners of the eyes were slightly puffy as one was rubbing them which was a mistake. However after a day there one’s eyes were fine and healed in due course. Had a pleasant time there. Stayed with my sister,Vivian and generally did some fun things. Went thrifting, went to several places and went swimming. Saw one’s neice D. and her children, saw her father Steve too. The connections going were Milwaukee, which was a very nice. One was impressed. Returning one had a connection in Cleveland. This airport was not conducive to ones tastes. Was unimpressed to say the least. While there my sisters had given me some items so had them shipped in order not to carry them. The postage was quite high, however didn’t have a choice. Just made the best of it.

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