“Missed The Boat”

Still the summer is continuing while the temps are down fortunately it is somewhat less humid and what a difference it makes in ten degrees cooler in the way of comfortability. As the progress of technology continues to unfold with less and less types of music available in the stores and more and more are free to download on the net. One finds it unjustly b/c of the question of piracy even knowing that the music is free anyway. Feel that someone has to pay for it and that is one reason that the prices are rising. The same goes for the stories on the net centralising on the celebs. There is so much more that could be of worthwhile interest in reporting instead of concentrating on nonsensical rubbish. There are some networks which only make these stories a prime issue. Granted the journals have gone due in sales or in some cases are non-existant b/c of the net. However how many people now choose a book to read for entertainment, info., or knowledge? Not many. There are many movies to choose from likewise for a person’s interest. There are a meriad of news stories that aren’t reported b/c of the time factor and the ratings to a network.They have surely missed the boat. How said this is! As Peter Jennings has said many times to his news colleagues” This is world news tonight. Let’s stress on that.” Surely the reporters have forgotten that statement. Perhaps someone should remind them.

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