The air is dry with a trend of rain on the horison. On days like these it would be grand to sink one’s teeth into a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Years ago there weren’t differentials. Or maybe there was, yet no one paid any mind to it. One’s tastes buds can certainly tell the difference between mayonaisse and salad dressing. Know between margarine and butter: salted or not. Certainly can know the difference between hot dogs made of pork and chicken as opposed to turkey. Of course the turkey hot dogs taste a world apart from the pork and/or chicken hot dogs regardless of their preparation. There in the fact that bacon is now composed of turkey it is known to have a much better taste as pork is very distastefully to one’s month as it leaves and gives off a scent that isn’t pleasant.  Have just finished the book “Irish Spies During The Troubles” by Martin McGartland. Very good, highly recommended. Now one has started another book” Dead Man Running” again by Martin McGartland. Very spectacular, spellbinding, leaves the reader knowing what will happen next. What a talented writer. Have several other books to delve into eventually. Trying one’s best to think positive with such constant negativity abound.

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