“Make Your Voice Heard”

The weather is much more seasonable now. What a difference. To turn negativity into being positive is very difficult to accomplish depending on the circumstances, however it can be done. Just read a recent article about a former gang member whose nickname was shotgun. There were bullet holes in a nearby school in which he used. Now he is at the same school teaching neighbourhood children in Chicago to learn to finesse of boxing. That is only a suggestion that he may do, better yet if he gets his gangs buddies to assist him in this effort. Now members of the community do something as well and ask the people to make your voice heard. Now it doesn’t mean in a literal sense as speaking. It can be a code of a hand signal to let the law authories know exactly what is happening. These could be a series of hand signals. So this will give the police enough time to respond. And of course give some added protection to the people who are requesting aid. It would only take a second and only one or two persons at first then more to follow their lead. This eventually will make the streets a bit safer. While one is on this subject if a person sees or hears of a crime in progress then they may use this same method of hand signals. Or another suggestion would be to have ear phones acting as if music would be heard and in fact there were music however at the same time these ear phones would be especially geared to the authories in a unique way. These ear phones on the surface would look like any other however they would be designed differently. This premise wouldn’t happen momentarily it would take some time to enact however it would be good for all concerned.

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