“A Threshold”

With the weather changing and it still being August, the windows are down in one’s room now as it gives some comfortability although don’t want to let go of summer just yet still wearing short sleeved shirts and light weight shoes. Haven’t been blogging for a while. Been reading”Voices of Ireland” by Malachy McCourt. A collection of different writers who are in the vain of known classical. So this is a threshold one might say, as August was the month in which one started. One recalled that it rained solidly for five straight days. In ones absence from scripting one has been preoccupied with mutitaxing thoughts. And reading is somewhat of an outlet. Now to focus briefly to the subject at hand. Last month one was having a normal conversation with my sister Vivian. Each of us giving our points of view on general expensives. In the course of it one had mention”when I move” then Vivian took it literally as said” why don’t I move to Indpls.” Didn’t really want to say what was really on one’s mind, for fear of hurting her feelings as she might take it differently. Vivian has the best of intentions. She was saying why don’t I do this and that. She was pulling me back, as it felt like being stretched thin as if one was elastic. Felt most uncomfortable however left on a good note.

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