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September 28, 2010

There is a definite chill in the air and one thinks it will be status quo, only to have the temps go lower in the near future. No more springlike days. Have the windows still closed and sleeping with three blankets. Will most probably put the storm windows down soon although that will be a sign of winter and that season seems to be longer than the others. Couldn’t sleep again last night as one’s mind was racing about at least three topics at once. Families should have civility yet at most times for some unknown reason it is non-existant. When problems arise the best way to solve them is to chat and never have a cold shoulder toward others. Try to be diplomatic in one’s approach. Say whatever is on their mind and get to the point. Without divulging a confidential conversation with a niece: the matter really bothers oneself. Spoke to one’s sister concerning the matter at a previous time. It does concern oneself. Really don’t know for sure. However one believe one’s niece wholeheartedly and one’s sister also. Wish only one had proof of a written document to verify the said findings. One’s parents were said to have told a meriad of untruths during their lives. They couvered up many things for one really doesn’t care what the reason was for it. It only mattered that they both did this from time and time again. There are many unanswered questions about this matter. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t  answers to these questions. It simply means that the answers aren’t told. For the simple reason that these questions aren’t asked or some have fear of asking for fear of the answers and again would he be telling the truth or just trying to hide it. Trying to analise this matter. Questions arise!  Was there a will? If so, where is it? Who has possession of it? Was there an inheritance actually involved for each of the five siblings? If so, what was the exact amount? Who was co-exectutour of the whole shebang? Are wills in general posted on the internet? Are particular wills posted there as well? Are amounts of inheritances posted on the internet? Is there a legal section devoted to these items? Already one is aware that deaths, births such as vital statistics are posted there in plain view. Also one is aware that people who are delinquent on their taxes: their names are posted in the newspaper and also the amount due or past due. There are also homes of the estates listed. Also there are houses for sale all neighbourhoods. These would come under the heading of classified. Actually with all that one has mentioned thinking that one has been sidetracked. Yet in a way not. Knowing that one is the eldest: one must take the initiative and persue this line of questioning. As it does pertain to oneself in a very personal way. As the well known movie entitled “And Justice For All”. It should never be for the entitled some or the designated few.

“Rallying Cry”

September 27, 2010

A second cup of coffee is always the best way to start anything, as being a lifetime coffee drinker it gives oneself the perfect wake-up boost. There is an abundance of sunshine which slightly warms up the chilled air. Continuing with the premise previously, a rallying cry goes forth to those single mothers and not to ever forget the single fathers who with their endurance carry on their daily lives while carefully protecting their children. These persons also have full time jobs too. In some cases are carrying on their education going to the necessary classes to get a heads up financially. There is never enough credit bestowed on them. These parents do all in their power to raise their children in the proper way: sometimes being strick on them by giving them rules in which to live by and knowing there are always consequences if by chance the rules are broken, in again if the rules are slightly bent and of without a satisfactory reason. In that way trust is earned by both. Children are true mirrors of their parents.


September 26, 2010

What a change weatherwise, it being literally cold toward evening and throughout the night and morning hours, it becomes slightly warmer as the day continues. Whether it being a country which is divided as it was in the former Yugoslovia, with Bosnia and Croatia it was an inevitability to crumble into lasting pieces.Whether one speaks of a community which strives to do what is reasonable, this too will fail if not for the lack of numbers. There are more reasons to count why many families are simply at odds and can’t or won’t come to terms with reality. Forgiveness is not in their vocabulary. So these families go through life with the pain of being self righteous subsequently excluding the following generations to come from the mere pleasure of meeting the family in question or worse yet getting to know and having the pleasure of their company. Needless to say it is painfully for all concern. When children are deprived of family members such as aunts, uncles, cousins or brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. There  is a genuine loss that can never be replaced.


September 24, 2010

With the both windows wide opened last night, it provided a gentle and cooling breeze as the wind whistled through the tree tops into the night sky. Despite those effects and sounds had a very restless night. Still reading ones book”Voices of Ireland” It is over a thousand pages and is filled with classic Irish script of all types, among them is poetry. Have a new appreciation of it and thanks to Malachy McCourt for including that in his selections. Want to rearrange things as items are getting unavoidable. Have already called AT&T to take off the voice messaging as the company will upgrade it to high tech and erase it completely and maybe jack up the price in the long run. Still will need an answering machine to catch the incoming calls. Already have a caller ID which is most beneficial. Want to downsize on living quarters and make it more roomer. It is already convenient and comfortable. Have everything at ones disposal. Want to give one’s sofa and loveseat to St Vincent Depaul. Have already bought an air mattress yet have to go to a filling station to inflate it. Hopefully that will suffice. Have to plan and sometimes have a change of mind so there aren’t any mistakes.

“On A Mission”

September 2, 2010

Again it is raining on and off like a spigot, however at the moment the sun is out. Guess that’s a good sign. In one’s attempt to purchase an LP of Sandler and Young called Side by Side at Borders Marketplace recently. It was unsuccessful. Not that it wasn’t a result of one’s efforts. It just wasn’t designed to be. That is fine with oneself, however will comment the whys and wherefores. One had a prepaid visa-depit card a temporary one and also another one which was sent to the house. Had made two transactions with the temporary one previously in which one had purchased two vhs movies” The McCourts of Limerick and the McCourts of New York” Now these were both done successfully previously. Went to Walgreens on the same day. The three managers were arguing and couldn’t come to a decision as to how to charge oneself the amount including the activation fee. This was stated one’s reaction in yesterday’s blog. This Green Dot Corp., has a P.O. Box84020,Columbus, Ga.31908. The new card was connected to a bank in Ga. Didn’t contact these people simply because the whole operation is a scam. A fraud! The new card wasn’t activated yet and didn’t have any money on it. So in order for it to be done on both counts. Another $30.00 would have been put on it. Even though these cards had an expiration date of two years hence from now. Only a few or less transactions are made on each card. A person has to put a least a $500 dollar minimum or a $1,000 maximum in order not to pay the activation fee. And who is foolheardy to do that. That is how these people make the dough with others paying a $30.00 dollars each time. These people are just above the law legally without breaking it. Did email and told them of the concern. Had got a nice responsible response from them today. Also did destroy both cards yesterday. Companies like Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS or anyone who sells these GreenDotCards, prepaid visa card should discontinue selling these cards at once. In order for them to do that people, the general public should discontinue to frequent these establishments and force them to do just that. Time to oneself is precious. It shouldn’t be wasted with people who are fraudulent and out to make a buck anyway possible. These people prey on the innocent. Why should oneself suffer a heart attack brought on by intense anger concerning this. It is not worth it. The only way that evil survives is if good people do nothing.

“Mountain Out Of Mole Hill”

September 1, 2010

As this day is well underway it is a raining presently with thunderstorms overnight and the same was for yesterday. Some people have their likes and dislikes and others feel passionate about things. Yet others will think it is a mountain out of a mole hill that it doesn’t matter. One begs to differ. While at Borders a week or so ago, had attempted to purchase an item from the at the store and couldn’t. So went to Walgreens to just put a five dollars in cash thinking that was all that was needed to put on a visa pre-paid card. However the manager said that one would have to put another amount of money and pay for the activation fee again. One was so angry in a quiet way, one had gone over to Copps(a supermarket) to get some things then write a check for over the amount. Didn’t really intend to even go there. While there got to the counter and notice one had misplaced one’s wallet and found it in another sachel that one was carrying. One was so intense in anger, one had bought two pints of ice cream and two bottles of diet coke. One just sat at Borders and began to chat with a person from the Bronx. That somewhat calmed oneself however not entirely.